What Happened When 'John Tucker' Met Jonathan Tucker (Exclusive)

The “Kingdom” star reveals what it’s like to share a name with the on-screen bad boy.

In 2006, Jesse Metcalfe starred in a teen comedy titled “John Tucker Must Die,” a movie that gave a bad name to all the real-life John Tuckers in the world — including “Kingdom” and “Debris” star Jonathan Tucker.

TooFab just so happened to catch up with both Metcalfe and Tucker on the same day this month for different projects, where both were asked how it felt to be associated with the film. During two separate interviews, they shared the same story of one very random run-in with the other.

“The actor, the real John Tucker, I ran into him on the street in Vancouver one time and were both [working] on different projects in Canada,” explained Metcalfe. “He told me that being named John Tucker was the bane of his existence because everyone was, you know, always referencing that movie when they met him.”

In case you forgot the plot of the movie, the titular character is a high school jock who’s caught three-timing a trio of girls. After discovering his cheating ways, they hatch a revenge plot and, at one point, even start spreading a lie that he has herpes.

Not exactly the ideal person with whom to share a name, right?

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“Jesse Metcalfe must die,” the real Tucker said with a laugh when we brought up the film during an interview. “Anytime I get it, it’s annoying,” he added, in good fun.

“The movie holds up. I was actually up here in Vancouver when he was shooting,” Tucker continued, “and I bumped into him on the street, you son of a gun, you’re out here dragging my name through the street.”

All jokes aside, Tucker also had some pretty great things to say about Metcalfe and how he’s been open about rehab and sobriety in the public eye.

“He’s gone through a pretty substantial arc in his life, his sobriety has been inspiring to a lot of people and he’s been able to find his authentic self, which is ultimately what we’re trying to do as actors, as storytellers, as human beings,” said Tucker.

“Our creative source, our gut instinct is the only thing that separates us from anybody else and we put up all this dissonance between what we’re feeling and the decisions we end up making and when you eliminate that, magical things happen,” he continued — before adding, “and it sounds like it’s happening for him and he clearly did it on the back of my good name.”

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