Uber driver who covered entire body in horror tattoos unrecognisable before ink

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    An Uber driver who is plastered head to toe in horror tattoos revealed how unrecognisable he was before his transformation.

    Caleb Hendrickson “can’t stand” seeing his teenage self – but he bravely shared before and after pictures during an interview with Daily Star. He started his body art journey when he was 16 and now has up to 95% of his skin inked.

    But a sensational throwback from when he was younger shows just how much has changed since Caleb splashed out over £20,000 on tatts. And speaking to us, he said: “I do have old photos I will show you but I can’t stand looking at my old self.

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    “I wasn’t in control of my own fate and now I am in a sense. It’s hard to depict really. I’m very happy with the outcome.”

    Caleb, 30, was first inspired by body art after admiring his dad’s sleeves when he was a kid. But his loved ones are not pleased with how extreme he has taken his obsession.

    “Oh my family hates how far I’ve gone with my tattoos,” he said. Caleb lives in Arlington, Texas, and his striking appearance has held him back in the past.

    He explained: “I have been discriminated against when I’ve been trying to get certain jobs. They simply just ended the interview [when they saw him].”

    But Caleb has now worked for Uber for two years and he said his customers appreciate his unique aesthetic. He said: “Being an Uber driver, most people just think I look cool.

    "They usually say ‘cool tattoos’ or ‘I want more tattoos and to look like you’. In public they stare at the mall and I hear them say ‘oh that guy is covered’.”

    His love of horror came from the author H.P Lovecraft and Caleb’s body is scattered with skulls, eyeball tentacle monsters, creepy crawlers, eyeballs and teeth. And his favourite tattoo is a Geisha on his left leg in traditional black ink.

    Caleb is also a body modification enthusiast and he has altered his nose while also having dermal piercings, gauged ears, a conch and a philtrum.

    But it’s his face tattoos that inspire the most reaction. He used to have the word “sinner” inked to his head but later got it covered up.

    He said: “I don’t have a clue of how many I have but I got face tattoos when I was a piercer apprentice and I wanted to be enthralled in the lifestyle. But I later had a seizure and decided to get my face worked over because most of my face tattoos were merely a rebellious phase.

    “But the best thing (about his look now) is I feel more like me. And my message to people that tell other people not to get tattoos is to stay in your lane.”

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