Twitter Is Flipping Out Over THAT Jaime and Brienne Scene on 'Game of Thrones'

Some people Game of Thrones fans wait a lifetime for a moment like this. And by a moment like this I mean Jaime and Brienne finally acting on seasons of tension and having hot sex during Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. Because apparently fighting a bunch of undead zombies is a huge turn on, and there’s no better way to celebrate their defeat than by smashing!

Let’s set the scene: Brienne, Jaime, Tyrion and Pod play a drinking game, and in a total dick move, Tyrion asks Brienne if she’s still a virgin. This causes her to storm off, but HARK! Jaime follows so he can knight her, if you will, which I won’t.

Honestly, it must have been been weird for Jaime to have sex with someone who isn’t his blood relative and/or literal sibling, but there’s a first time for everything. Either way, the internet is basically besides itself with joy/thirst/general OMGs. Like, if you thought the reaction to Gendry and Arya doing it in the forge before fighting the Army of the Dead was extreme, You! Are! Not! Even! Ready!

*Jaime and Brienne kiss*

*’This is what dreams are made of’ plays in the background* #GameOfThrones

Wait…Jaime and Brienne? No…#GameOfThornes


Everyone seeing Brienne and Jaime finally happening #GameofThrones

#GOTS8E4 #GameofThrones

My reaction

me, watching Jaime and Brienne finally relieve seasons long sexual tension #GamesOfThrones

jaime and brienne are finally-

Kay so honestly this relationship is all I care about henceforth on Game of Thrones and I’m not interested in stanning any other couple, so Jon and Dany can climb on board the nearest dragon and get right TF out of here, thanks bye.

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