Trolls say Im too ugly for my gorgeous wife but I dont care

A husband who is perpetually trolled for being “too ugly” for his “hot wife” is hitting back at the haters on TikTok, claiming he has become immune to the hate.

Lovebirds Scott and Divine have more than half a million followers on TikTok (@divinerapsing), but the pair’s page often gets flooded with rude remarks from onlookers.

Fortunately, they have built a big fanbase with their witty comebacks and enjoy proving that they don’t bat an eye about the hate they receive.

In a recent video that racked up more than 903,000 likes, the couple addressed a question they receive often: “How are you together after seven years?”

They responded: “Instead of breaking up after a fight, we talk things out and no one leaves. That’s right we stay and we learn to grow together, and when we look to the future.”

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Although Scott and Divine’s clips are now met with a colossal amount of positive comments, the hateful remarks often still seep through.

“No, this is the definition of love bro,” wrote one person in the comment section of their latest post, which another viewer followed with: “They look so happy.”

But others still question the authenticity of the relationship, which was reflected in the comment: “I honestly never thought they would work out but here we are congrats!”

There is also a common misconception across the platform that Scott “has money” or was able to provide Divine with a “green card” to reside in the US.

@divinerapsing We are locked in forever ������������️@Divine&Scott ♬ original sound – Jazmin

“He gotta be the richest guy on earth,” penned one viewer in the comment section of their latest clip.

Opening up about the trolling on YouTube channel Truly, Scott has previously said: “Because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. There’s no effect anymore.

“We’re just two normal people…. There’s always going to be someone out there that’s not going to think about it (your appearance).”

Scott from Houston, has been with his Philipino wife Divine for more than seven years since she messaged him on Facebook thinking he was someone else.

After enjoying a four-year long-distance relationship, the pair decided to tie the knot and are currently happily married in the United States.

Despite still receiving hate over their bond, the pair continue to shut down the negativity in their humourous clips, which have racked up more than 52 million likes to date.

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