Traveller exposes realities behind perfect Insta selfies by flaunting curves

A Romany Traveller has been praised for proudly showing off her curves to reveal the secrets behind a "perfect selfie".

Danielle Jo Lee admitted she was very conscious of her body image when she was a teenager and used to compare herself to other girls in the school.

But the 23-year-old has said it's now more important to "love myself" and "be proud of my own imperfections".

So she took to her TikTok account to expose the selfie tricks that she has now come across on social media.

"Don't let these Instagram models fool you, it's all fake," Danielle says as she leans forward to show off her flawless makeup.

"But yet when we look at them, it makes us hate ourselves. Because 'why don't we look like that?' Truth is they don't look like that either."

She stands up and shows fans her natural curves – even giving a shake of her stomach.

But she then breathes in and arches her back to expose one of the "tricks" of selfies.

"It's all for social media and Photoshopped. Be proud of your imperfections and love yourself, you're beautiful," she adds.

In an interview with Daily Star, Danielle said she is trying to promote body positivity by asking women to be kind to each other.

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She explained: "I felt all my teenage years that I wasn't enough due to the fact I had compared myself to others. Asking myself why don't I look like that?

"But I think to myself now which I highly agree with, every single person is beautiful in their own ways.

"Whether it's a size 6 or size 14, I think we should all be confident within ourselves and help out each other.

"Have you ever been in a girl's bathroom at a club and all the girls are complimenting each other? 'I absolutely love your dress', 'Your makeup is stunning!' That's the way we should be towards each other all the time!

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"You shouldn't have to dim someone else's light to think it makes yours shine brighter."

She also pointed out that on social media, some influencers could be "model material" but not a genuine person and some may have "ugly personalities" that fans wouldn't know from pictures.

"People wouldn't post a photo of them on their accounts looking how we are right now, they only post what they want you to see," she added.

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