TOWIE’s Lauren Pope shares postpartum hair loss progress and go-to regrowth treatment

Former TOWIE star Lauren Pope has given fans an update on her hair journey, having previously discussed her experience with excessive shedding after giving birth.

The mum of one welcomed daughter Raine last summer, and has since documented her postpartum hair loss on social media.

However, it looks as though she is now seeing some progress with her hair returning to pre-pregnancy levels.

“You can see it’s actually grown quite a lot since I last showed you,” she explained on Instagram Stories in a clip showing off her regrowth. “It’s now I’d say sitting on my eyelashes, just below, and I’ve got a few longer bits.

“I’ve mentioned a fair few times that after I had my baby I did lose quite a bit of hair,” she continued. “Mainly I’d say around the hairline and the temples; you can see how far back these short [strands] go.

“It literally just would come out when I was washing my hair in the shower, or when I was brushing it I would see loads of hair in the brush.”

According to the NHS it’s common for women to lose “more hair than usual” for up to three months after they’ve given birth.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association also notes that the phenomenon “is not true hair loss” as it is temporary and the result of a reduction in oestrogen levels, and that “normal fullness” usually returns around the child’s first birthday.

“It is very stressful when this first happens, because I didn’t really know this was a thing,” Lauren continued, adding that she only discovered how common the experience is “from speaking on [Instagram] and then I get some of you guys message me after saying you have the same thing.

“So anyone that is going through it at the moment please don’t stress. I do totally understand it.”

In the sponsored post Lauren also explained that she has been working with haircare brand Nioxin and using their products to help restore her hair thickness, including the Night Density Rescue serum, £28.95 here.

With a calming nighttime scent, this is a leave-on treatment that you apply to a dry scalp and which promises to leave no greasy residue.

“It comes with a pipette… so you squeeze the product on to your scalp and literally separate the hair and then I make sure the tip is touching my scalp and just kind of press it all over,” Lauren continued, demonstrating her application technique.

Massaging the treatment into her scalp she added, "It’s a very quick process to add into your routine, it doesn’t leave any residue on your pillow."

Well fingers crossed this continues to work for Lauren!

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