Top everyday little moments of joy – like snuggling under fresh sheets

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However, three in five (61 percent) are actively looking to inject more pleasure into their life, with a third keen to have a daily pick-me-up.

Snuggling up under fresh bed sheets, binge watching TV shows, and someone cooking a favourite dinner, are among the top moments enjoyed by the nation.

While receiving packages in the post, having that first cup of tea in the morning, and receiving an unexpected freebie also bring a smile.

Over half (52 percent) of those polled benefit more from everyday moments of joy than bigger but more infrequent celebrations.

And 48 percent seek out smaller moments of joy to spend more time doing fun things with friends and family.

The study also found people gain great happiness from food (21 percent) and drink (11 percent).

The research was commissioned by supermarket Sainsbury’s, which has partnered with psychologist Emma Kenny, to encourage people to find small moments of joy to help with their mental wellbeing.

She said: “With the cost of living increasing, it’s no surprise people are thinking more short-term, and seeking more daily moments of joy that they can share with family and friends.

“Food is integral to helping us feel good, bringing people together and creating connections, but it also plays a big part in our mental wellbeing. It’s important to find those moments of joy.”

The study, carried out through OnePoll, found food and drink can enhance many of our moments of joy – with chocolate, wine, and roast dinners especially effective.

Those polled turn to chocolate when binge watching TV shows, and when enjoying movie nights at home.

Wine is the drink of choice when adults want to dance to their favourite song – and a roast dinner is the dinner they’d most like to be treated to if someone was to surprise them with a meal.

Mark Given, for Sainsbury’s, added: “We know that people up and down the country are facing a really tough time, and that’s why we have already committed over £500 million across two years to keep prices low on the essential products that customers buy most often.

“This research shows just how important it is for customers to find small and affordable moments of respite.

“We want to do all we can to help shoppers right now, so we are locking prices on their favourite foods and drinks, helping to lift the moments that matter most.”

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