Tiny Pit Bull Puppy Born with No Nose Beats the Odds and Celebrates Her First Birthday

Goosie has a lot to celebrate.

A year ago, the pit bull was a potato-sized puppy fighting to survive. Today, Goosie is an 11-pound local celebrity that had 300 friends at her first birthday.

Her journey started on April 22 of last year, when she was born without a nose.. According to Adri Thrift, the founder of Sanctuary Rescue in Midlothian, Virginia, the breeder who was caring for Goosie’s mom reached out to the non-profit looking for a home that could help the special needs puppy.

“We had successfully raised a cleft lip/palate puppy a few months before, so we were up for the challenge,” Thrift told PEOPLE.

The rescue saw Goosie through several hospitalizations, countless doctor’s appointments and some close calls. Since Goosie’s future was uncertain in the beginning, Sanctuary Rescue made a point of celebrating all of the tiny pup’s little victories.

“We started celebrating her birthday every week when she was just two weeks old. She was so fragile as a baby we didn’t know how much time we would have with her so the weekly birthdays were born,” Thrift explained.

Goosie kept persevering, taking on every challenge with her “hilarious, little personality.” This can-do attitude quickly earned her a loyal following on Instagram, where her page @our_girl_goosie has close to 1,000 followers.

After celebrating 52 weekly birthdays, Goosie had charmed plenty of animal-loving fans who were eager to party with her for her first yearly birthday. Over 300 fans turned up to meet the birthday girl — who was dressed in a festive tutu — support her medical fund and play games at Goosie’s first birthday party.

Even after a year, Goosie is still a little dog. She weighs just 11 pounds, while all of her pit bull littermates weigh over 50 pounds. Sanctuary Rescue believes the pup has pituitary dwarfism, which means she will likely be “The World’s Tiniest Pit Bull” — as the rescue calls her — for the rest of her life. But this little size doesn’t slow the dog down.

Goosie now lives with a foster family on a farm, where she spends her days enjoying her extensive wardrobe and playing around with the farm’s many birds – geese included.

To learn more about Sanctuary Rescue and how they help animals like Goosie, visit their Facebook page.

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