Thrifty bride has her perfect wedding for just £526

When it comes to sticking to a budget, Staci Gibson, 31, might take the (wedding) cake.

She and her husband Grant, 37, managed to pull off their nuptials for the bargain price of just £526, all thanks to their thrifty ways.

In fact, they completed their wedding in profit, having been given £800 in gifts from their guests.

The couple, from the West Midlands, had to slash the size of their original wedding plans due to Covid.

Having met through online dating five years ago, the pair tied the knot in a local registry office and had a simple reception at home, with every detail an absolute steal.

Mum-of-three Staci said: ‘It only cost £160 to get married at a local registry, it looks like a church and the building was perfect for photos.

‘We are glad it was a small wedding with 30 guests, it was perfect for us, not just for the money we saved, but for how we imagined our day would be.

‘No part of me really wanted a big fancy wedding, it would have been money wasted so I have no regrets on how we did it, It was perfect for us.’

After exchanging their vows, the pair invited guests back to their home for a buffet Staci had prepared that morning.

The cake was a gift from a baker friend, Staci made the bouquets herself, and decorations were bought secondhand.

The dress was from ASOS, and a promo code allowed Staci to bag it for just £56.

Cost breakdown:

  • Registry office: £160
  • Wedding licence: £70
  • Wedding dress: £56
  • Bridesmaid dresses: £30
  • Groom’s suit: £40
  • Flowers: £20
  • Rings: Free
  • Buffet: £100
  • Bride’s shoes: £10
  • Jewellery: £10
  • Bridesmaid shoes: £10
  • Hair and makeup: £20

Total: £526

The bride bought her wedding jewellery from Claire’s Accessories and had a friend do her hair and makeup.

Even the wedding rings were budget-conscious – Grant used his dad’s.

‘We saved money on the things we thought were unnecessary like favours and gifts for the bridal party,’ said Staci.

‘I feel all the added extras are just added stress you don’t need. Focus on why you’re getting married and who you want there not the bits no one remembers anyway.’

The pair were stunned when, after the celebrations, they opened their cards and gifts and discovered they had received more money in presents than they had spent on the occasion.

‘I was amazed if I’m honest,’ said Staci. ‘So many people start married life in debt with a huge bill for the wedding day and we had actually made money from our wedding day.

‘We have amazing family and friends who helped us do things cheaply and who were so generous with their gifts. We so are lucky.’

The money they saved will go towards Staci and Grant’s new home, where they’re doing all the renovation work themselves.

‘I am very money conscious,’ added Staci. ‘My dad taught me well in life and said it’s not how much money you have but what you do with it.

‘I hope we inspire other couples to look at the cost of their wedding. If you’ve got the cash and want to spend it then great, but if you haven’t, you can still have the big day on a small budget.

‘A simple wedding isn’t a bad wedding.’

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