This intensive moisturising balm has over 1,000 five-star reviews

Shoppers say this £8 soothing balm is ‘an absolute lifesaver’ for eczema and irritated skin (and you can get 15% off with our exclusive code)

  • The Skin Salvation is a 100 per cent natural intensive moisturising balm 
  • Dermatologist-approved for sensitive skin it can be used to help treat eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry or sore skin
  • You can save 15 per cent off with the code MYSKINSALVATION at checkout 

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If the chaotic weather has taken its toll on your skin, or if you suffer from inflamed skin conditions like eczema, then the Balmonds Skin Salvation balm could be the comforting relief your skin needs, according to shoppers. 

The award-winning, 100 per cent natural intensive moisturising balm has been dermatologist-approved to help soothe and restore highly sensitive skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. 

The nourishing formula loaded with hemp oil, chamomile extract, and olive oil easily absorbs into the skin, keeping it hydrated, relieving itchiness and significantly improving its appearance. 

Restore and transform: Over 1,000 users have raved about Skin Salvation’s astonishing ability to calm down irritated skin

Impressively, the Skin Salvations balm has received over 1,000 five-star reviews from wowed users who call it a ‘life saver’ and ‘pure gold’. 

And now you can see the results for yourself and save 15 per cent off with the code MYSKINSALVATION. 

Balmonds Skin Salvation has shown its users that you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds for effective skincare. 

Priced at just £7.99 for 30ml, the pot has been formulated with 100 per cent natural ingredients to help soothe, calm and nourish dry, irritated skin. 

The brand’s award-winning Skin Salvation balm was first formulated by a mum desperate for a natural emollient that wouldn’t sting her baby’s eczema-prone skin. It’s now become a hero product for adults and children alike who suffer from dry, red, scaly and itchy skin.  

Thanks to its ability to calm down irritated skin, it’s become a must-have for those that deal with skin conditions like eczema. 

Skin Salvation can be applied to any part of the body as thickly and as often as needed

This is all down to the nourishing formula. All the Balmonds products, including the award-winning Skin Salvation, are rich in natural anti-inflammatory herbs such as chamomile, calendula and chickweed and are made with super nutritious organic hemp seed oil to support regeneration and repair.

The addition of beeswax protects against moisture loss and acts as a natural antimicrobial, helping keep skin healthy. 

If the cold weather and excessive hand-washing have taken their toll on your skin or you are dealing with more severe weeping, crusting, and bleeding due to eczema, the Skin Salvation balm could answer your skin issues. 

It can be applied to any part of the body as thickly and as often as needed. And for those suffering from really dry and irritated skin and who need intensive hydration can even apply a thick layer of ointment before bed and leave it on overnight. 

The salve has been dermatologist-tested and is free from perfumes, parabens, synthetics and mineral oil

Over 1,100 users have left glowing five-star reviews for the Skin Salvation balm, with shoppers raving about the ‘little pot that lives up to its name’.

One delighted user wrote: ‘The best solution to itchy skin, wish I came across this years ago. My hands were severely cracked and itchy, and now with two weeks of use, I hardly have cracks. Definitely recommend this product.’ 

Another agreed, also noticing a remarkable difference in a short amount of time: ‘My daughter had two very large patches of dry skin (looked like dermatitis or eczema) on the back of each arm. She has been applying the cream daily for just over a week, and they have practically disappeared.’

A third penned: ‘Skin Salvation is exactly what it says a salvation. I’ve had some really sore dry patches on my face for some time, they can get really dry and sore, and I’ve tried all sorts of creams with no change until skin salvation. 

‘They have literally disappeared I’m amazed at how quickly this happened its so soothing on the skin and super hydrating I won’t be without this cream now.’

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