This Crockpot slow cooker is still in stock on Amazon but not for long

Hurry! This Crockpot slow cooker which shoppers call ‘very cheap to run’ is still in stock on Amazon – but not for long

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The UK’s current big freeze has seen a rush of shoppers investing in slow cookers in a bid to keep the family warm with hearty, low-cost meals, so much so, that slow cookers are going out of stock at lightning speed.

One top-rated slow cooker still available to buy on Amazon is the family-friendly Crockpot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker. The large 5.6 litres can comfortably feed five people with an easy-to-use Schedule Meal feature that gets your dinner ready at your chosen time.

Taking the hassle out of family mealtimes, the Crockpot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker has a  Schedule Meal function that can be programmed to have your dish ready for a time up to 12 hours in advance. 

All you need to do is choose the food type, quantity and time you’d like to eat. 

Perfect for casseroles, stews, curries, chillis and much more, the generous size is big enough to cook food for the whole family over winter and without much effort at all. 

Still in stock: The Crockpot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker gently cooks your food for you so you can have your dinner ready and waiting 

With the plunging temperatures and cost of living crisis, thousands of us are looking to keep the family warm with hearty meals and are doing so with a slow cooker.

The Crockpot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker has been given the approval by hundreds of shoppers looking to whip up family meals with little effort. And it’s almost two times more energy-efficient than using a conventional oven.

Thanks to the gentle heat, the slow cooker produces delicious meals with minimal effort, including delicious joints of meat, stews, casseroles and even puddings.

Switching to a more energy-efficient method like a slow cooker is a cheap way to batch-cook meals and feed the whole family for less.

The Crockpot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker has your cooking covered thanks to the Schedule Meal feature that sets the optimal cooking process based on desired meal time, food type and quantity.

In short, the automatic setting does all the hard work for you so you can go about your day and return to a comforting home-cooked meal. 

And if you want more control? The manual function lets you choose from the programmable countdown timer and high/low cook settings.

Stress-free cooking: The Schedule Meal function can be programmed to have your dish ready for a time up to 12 hours in advance

With easy-to-use digital controls and a dishwasher-safe bowl and lid, the Crock-Pot TimeSelect Digital Slow Cooker, 5.6 L, is a winner for larger households. And shoppers are impressed with how it’s ‘very cheap to run’.

One impressed shopper raved how it was ideal for batch cooking, writing: ‘I can cook a large beef stew (stewing steak, whole baby potatoes, swede, carrots and leeks) in around four hours. More than enough for five/six portions. 

‘Only fills the pot to half and that’s why this is such a good pot for batch cooking and freezing.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Great value for money. Great machine for a big family, put it on in the morning before you go to work and come home to a lovely meal.’

A third penned: ‘Love the function of selecting a time at which you want the meal to be ready and the slow cooker adjusts cooking temp accordingly. Practical for longer working days when out of the house most day.’ 

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