This Cardboard Box Hack Will Make Working From Home So Much Easier This Summer

If you’ve been working from home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, your “office” has likely been your bed, a comfy couch, and maybe a desk. Now that summer is officially here, you can take advantage of the warm, sunny days by working outside! Worried you won’t be able to see your laptop in the sunshine? Well, this viral cardboard hack reduces glare, so you can work outside all summer long.

LinkedIn user Tom Wood shared the he simple hack a few weeks ago. All you need is a cardboard box. Just turn it on its side and slide your laptop in it, and you got yourself a work from home game-changer. Really, it’s that easy. The cardboard box will reduce glare. As far as ventilation, one LinkedIn user commented on Wood’s post recommending to check the heat outlet that’s usually on the side of the laptop since it “may need a small vent hole in the box to stop the laptop from overheating.” Another LinkedIn user commented on just how simple this hack is, writing: “I’m embarrassed that I did not already come up with this myself. Amazing.”

Life hack… Put your laptop in a cardboard box, and work in the garden 😎

I’ve been working from home for 5 years and it’s only now that the rest of the country has joined in that this ingenious idea has come to my attention.
(It’s 20 degrees and due to drop to 14 tomorrow – get out there if you can!)

Due to cloud over this afternoon, so using my cardboard sun shield while I can. “Box Office” says the 11-year-old. Indeed!

Twitter users have hopped on the cardboard box trend, sharing photos of their WFH setups outside. Yesterday, Andrea Mara (@office_mum) posted a photo of her cardboard box setup, writing, “Due to cloud over this afternoon, so using my cardboard sun shield while I can. ‘Box Office’ says the 11-year-old. Indeed!” Brb, running to my recycling bin to create a DIY cardboard laptop shield!!

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