The Sussexes Don't Plan to Join Twitter Anytime Soon — and It's Reportedly Because of Archie

Trolls have been coming for Meghan Markle ever since she took her relationship with Prince Harry public back in 2016. And this is why we can't have nice things — like a Sussex Royal Twitter account. 

We shouldn't be too salty, considering the gift that is the 5-week-old @sussexroyal Instagram account (more baby feet, please!), but according to royal commentator Omid Scobie, Instagram is all we'll be receiving for now given the negativity rampant on Twitter. 

"There are still no plans for the Sussexes to open a Twitter account," he tweeted on Sunday, adding "I don't think they need to right now. With better cyberbullying measures in place, I can understand why they feel more protected being #OnlyOnInstagram — especially when baby photos are concerned."

It has previously been reported that the royal family has been going to extreme lengths in order to clean up the filth left in the comments sections of all accounts, especially where Meghan and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, are concerned. 

If you're lucky, then last week's news of the arrival of baby Archie meant nothing but good-natured memes and "oohs" and "awws" on you social feeds. But that doesn't mean that negativity wasn't festering elsewhere on Twitter. A BBC radio host, for example, was fired after posting a photo of an chimp with the caption "Royal Baby leaves hospital" last week. And Scobie admits that even his replies are filled with negativity pertaining to the fab four.

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So yes, especially with Archie in the picture (literally), it'd make sense that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to limit their vulnerability to gross, troll-y comments.

For now, Scobie says that the couple will continue to announce major plans and initiatives on Instagram as well as through the royal family's other accounts. 

Honestly, we're cool with that — as long as the photos of Archie keep comin'. 

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