The Ordinary Is Finally Coming Out With a Face Mask

The beauty industry hasn't been the same since Deciem launched the uber-affordable skincare line The Ordinary in 2015. Suddenly, luxury, clinical ingredients like retinoids and manula oil were available at wholesale prices. What's more shocking than The Ordinary's vast assortment of under-$15 serums, oils, and moisturizers, is that brand has never come out with a face mask. 

Luckily, that's going to change on May 29, when The Ordinary launches the Salicylic Acid 2% Masque. Just like the rest of the brand's products, the clay-based mask is formulated with a mix of wildly effective ingredients offered an unbelievable price. A tube of it will only set you back $12. 

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In addition to clay, the dark black mask is made with deep-cleaning charcoal, and hero ingredient two percent salicylic acid, an exfoliating BHA commonly used to treat pimples. Basically, The Ordinary's mask ideal for anyone with oily, acne-prone skin because it will clear all of the gunk that's building up in your pores and making you breakout, plus exfoliate dead skin cells away so that your skin looks more smooth and clear. Just one disclaimer: Since the mask contains BHA acid, it can make you more sensitive to sun exposure, so just remember to wear sunscreen — especially after treating your skin with it. 

As someone with combination skin who gets breaks out from sweating during swampy, humid New York summers, I was excited that Deciem sent me a lab sample of the mask to try out ahead of its launch next week. 

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Full disclosure: Although acne is my number one skincare concern, I'm not really a fan of using charcoal or clay masks to detox my skin — I absolutely despise that most of them tight when they dry on your face. The Ordinary's mask is an exception. I was pleasantly surprised that the mask was still creamy and comfortable 10 minutes into wearing it.  

When I rinsed the mask off, my skin was smoother (not to mention super glowy), but since I've only tried it once, it's TBA whether or not its done anything to keep me from breaking out. The bottom line is that The Ordinary's mask is one of the first charcoal and clay formulas I don't hate. That's saying a lot — and a good enough reason for me to recommend you check it out.  

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Masque is available May 29 at, and July 9 at Sephora

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