The Chase viewers accuse the show of being 'rigged'

The Chase viewers accuse the show of being ‘rigged’ after contestants leave empty-handed because the questions were ‘too difficult’ – but how many can YOU get right?

  • Damien, from Leeds and Rosie, from Penarth, made it to the finals of The Chase
  • Contestants went up against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha for £15,000
  • Viewers of the game show took to Twitter to blast the ‘difficult’ questions asked

Viewers have been left outraged by the choice of questions contestants were asked on Wednesday’s episode of The Chase.

Josh, 27, from Tonypandy, joined Forida, 42 and Damien, 38, from Leeds, and Rosie, 58, from Penarth in a bid to add to the game show’s cash pot and make it to the last round of the challenge against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

Josh and Forida were caught by the chaser in their head-to-head rounds, while Damien and Rosie made it to the final with £15,000 up for grabs.  

The episode began to trend on Twitter as viewers complained the questions throughout were too ‘difficult’ and accused the show of being ‘rigged’ after the contestants left empty-handed. 

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Wednesday’s episode of ITV’s The Chase began trending on Twitter after viewers complained about the difficulty of the questions contestants were asked. Pictured: Finalist Rosie and Damien

Rosie, 58, from Penarth and Damien, 38, from Leeds, were the only two from the original four contestants to make it to the final chase against Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha (pictured)

Josh, who works as a web developer, failed to answer enough questions correctly to secure his £6,000 cash builder for the team.

He was followed by Fordia, a team manager, from Grays, who racked up £5,000 in the cash builder but was unable to add it to the cash pot after being caught by Paul. 

Damien, who hoped to win enough money for a cruise to Alaska, was the third contestant to play and managed to add £7,000 to the prize fund.

‘I enjoy going on cruises, I go with my mum. I may take her on a cruise and sometimes I go with friends. The one on the bucket list it’s a bit more expensive than the others ones, it’s Alaska,’ Damien told presenter Bradley Walsh.

‘I’d love to get over there to see the glaciers, the whales and do that. Food, drink, entertainment, what more can you ask for?’

Bradley seemed supportive, saying: ‘Lets get you and Janet or you and your pals off to Alaska. I wish you luck, mate. Your time starts now.

‘Swineball was an event at the so-called Olympics for what farm animals?’

How many of the multiple choice questions can you answer correctly? 

Test your knowledge here and then scroll down for the answers

Damien’s round against Paul

1. Which of these is a pen-like device that can be used to draw on tablet computers?

A) Solidus B) Soleus C) Stylus 

2. In what London borough are the Wimbledon Championships held?

A) Kensington and Chelsea B) Lambeth C) Merton 

3. In Greek myth, the mother of the Muses was the goddess of what?

A) Memory B) Peace C) Wisdom 

4. What does the word ‘propitious mean?

A) Favourable B) Forgettable C) Fashionable 

5. Which of these women was executed first?

A) Mary, Queen of Scots B) Lady Jane Grey C) Catherine Howard  

6.The chemical isotope deuterium is also known as ‘heavy…’ what?

A) Hydrogen B) Oxygen C) Nitrogen 

7. What monsters have taken over the world in a Netflix series about Vanessa Helsing?

A) Werewolves B) Vampires C) Zombies 

Rosie’s round against Paul

1. Which of these men was a regular contributor to Radio 4’s ‘Thought For The Day’ for many years?

A) Reverend Green B) Father Brown C) Rabbi Blue 

2.What Martin Scorsese film shares its name with a painting by Joshua Reynolds?

A) The Age of Innocence B) Mean Streets C) The Departed 

3. Danish woodcarver Thomas Dam invented what toys?

A) Furbies B) Kewpies C) Trolls 

4. What name links characters in the TV shows ‘The Magic Roundabout’ and ‘Family Guy’?

A) Brian B) Dylan C) Florence 

5. What empire was defeated at the 1571 naval battle of Lepanto?

A) Russian B) Austro-Hungarian C) Ottoman  

6. Which of these is a ghost or ghostlike image of someone?

A) Wraith B) Wyvern C) Wendigo 

7. What noun is a word that is derived from the name of a person? 

A) Demonym B) Eponym C) Toponym  

‘Pigs,’ Damien answered correctly. 

Bradley continued: ‘What are the first names of the high-profile couple known as the Sussexs?’


A team of four players each takes it in turns to win some money in a quick fire round, but will join together in the final chase to take the money home.  

In between those rounds they face The Chaser, and if they get more questions wrong than the professional quizzer they’re out.  

If they pass through that round their money is added to the bank with the remaining players’ money.

In the final chase the team has two minutes to answer as many questions as possible, but if The Chaser gets more points they will go home empty handed.

The presenter revealed the answer as ‘Harry and Meghan’ after Damien asked to pass the question. 

‘Author Hunter S Thompson spent a year on the road with what motorcycle club?,’ Bradley asked.

‘Hell’s Angels,’ Damien answered correctly.

Bradley said: ‘Dyfed was a former country of what UK country?’

Damien responded: ‘Wales’

‘Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele first isolated what acid from lemon Juice?,’ Bradley asked.

Damien said: ‘Citric’

‘What term for a typically pleasant smell comes from the Greek meaning ‘spice?,’ Bradley quizzed.

Damien correctly answered ‘Aroma’ then followed up by getting a question about Julie Andrews and newspaper The Guardian right before facing The Chaser Paul. 

Damien told host Bradley Walsh (pictured centre) that he hoped to use the winnings to go on a cruise to Alaska with either his mother or friends 

Damien (pictured) managed to play for £7,000 in the head to head after whizzing through the cash builder

Bradley (pictured) quizzed Rosie on topics including fashion, dogs and currency in the cash builder before her head to head against Paul 

Despite answering two questions wrong in the head-to head, Damien managed to add £7,000 to the cash pot. 

Rosie, who retired after almost 30 years as a psychiatrist, was last to play and revealed she wanted to use the winnings for an adventure trip with her family.

Bradley began the cash builder, asking: ‘A St Berdoodle is a cross between a St Bernard and what other dog breed?’

‘Poodle,’ Rosie answered confidently.

Bradley asked: ‘Referring to fashionable society, the phrase ‘bon ton’ comes from what language?’

Rosie correctly responded: ‘French’

‘The currency of Antigua and Barbuda is the East Caribbean, what?,’ Bradley said.

Rosie correctly replied ‘dollar’ before answering a question about Neil Armstrong wrong and redeeming herself with her knowledge of CS Lewis. 

Rosie (pictured) managed to rack up £8,000 in the cash builder and added it to the prize pot after successfully completing her head to head against Paul 

‘Who was US President when Shangri-La was renamed Camp David?,’ Bradley continued. 

Rosie correctly answered: ‘Eisenhower’  

She went onto rack up £8,000 in the cash builder by correctly answering another three questions. 

As Rosie thrived in the head-to-head, Paul described she and Damien as a ‘super team’.

The chaser boasted about having made it through the show up until that point without answering a single question incorrectly.

In the final chase the players set a target of 17 questions for Paul to answer and had two opportunities for pushback, but were caught with 17 seconds remaining. 

Rosie and Damien were caught in the final chase despite setting a target of 17 questions for Paul and having two opportunities to pushback 

The correct answers

 Damien’s questions

1: Stylus 

2: Merton 

3: Memory 

4: Favourable

5: Catherine Howard 

6: Hydrogen 

7: Vampires

 Rosie’s questions

1: Rabbi Blue 

2: The Age of Innocence

3: Trolls

4: Brian 

 5: Ottoman

6: Wraith  

7: Eponym  

Viewers took to Twitter unimpressed with the questions chosen for the contestants in comparison to those for The Sinnerman.

One person wrote: ‘Feel a bit sorry for these on #TheChase today. Some questions them’ 

‘This has to be the biggest set of b******* questions I’ve ever seen. Absolutely rigged! #TheChase,’ another tweeted.

A third commented: ‘Those questions were f***** murder’

A fourth added: ‘Is this #TheChase or University Challenge?’

It is not the first time that viewers have complained about The Chaser being asked easier questions than the contestants.

Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett was previously believed to have been given ‘easy questions’ to prevent a team from winning £70,000.

A flood of viewers took to Twitter complaining that the questions were ‘tough’ and accusing the show of being ‘rigged’

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