Terrified daughter tells mum she cant sleep alone as stranger comes into room

A mum who struggled to get her daughter to sleep on her own became gravely concerned after she found out the reason why.

The parent made a TikTok video explaining that she tried to keep her daughter to sleep in her own bedroom as it had grown tiresome being kicked in the stomach in her own bedroom at night by the little one.

"Over the night, one night I put her to sleep to her bedroom and she was screaming bloody murder and would not leave me alone," she said.

"I'm tired so I let her sleep in the bed with me and my husband. It was fine, she had some night terrors and some screaming but it's really common.

"A couple nights later, I tried to put her back on her own and she was like 'no, I don't want to sleep in here mommy' and I was like 'why not, it's your room'."

Her daughter told her "someone else comes in the room" and she "looks just like you but I know it's not you".

When she asked her for more details, the child said: "She just looks like you but she wants me to follow her inside my closet and I don't want to go with her."

Viewers were spooked when they learned about the parent's "evil doppelganger" and asked if she has ever caught anything on camera.

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"I have a camera in there and it's never caught anything," she replied.

One viewer wrote: "She was being attacked, or attached. You need to cleanse and protect so night terrors and entities can be banished."

A second shared: "I followed a woman when I was small and almost ended up standing in the middle of a main street at 3am. Waking up saved me, don't leave her alone."

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