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The latest shopping craze is the app Temu: a marketplace full of products ranging from fashion items to electronics at low, low prices.

It's already great value for money, but you'll get even more bargains when the Temu Black Friday sale begins this November.

  • Temu deals – shop here

The new app has already got UK shoppers excited, with many Brits curious about why Temu is so cheap and what sorts of goodies are on offer.

Some UK shoppers have been sharing their hauls of Temu items online, one happy customer even reportedly bought a £1000 Temu mystery pallet and hit the jackpot.

If you fancy trying your luck during the annual Black Friday bonanza, Temu will be one of many retailers competing to offer the best possible deals.

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So, make sure you're ready to shop this year's Temu Black Friday deals by reading our guide.

Best live Temu deals

There are always amazing bargains on Black Friday itself, but retailers often sneak in some brilliant pre-sale deals too – a little reward for early-bird customers.

Temu already has some great pre-Black Friday deals on offer that you can shop today.

Here are some of the best:

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  • Smart Wireless Speakers With Sunrise Alarm Clock, £5.62, was £31.49 – buy here
  • 7pcs Christmas Luminous Shoe Charms, £1.98, was £7.99 – buy here
  • Wirefree Mesh Insert Sports Bra, £3.17, was £22.49 – buy here
  • Cabinet Induction Light, £1.98, was £4.39 – buy here
  • Colorblock Fuzzy Socks, £3.17, was £10.49 – buy here
  • Air Fryer Paper Liners, £3.17, was £4.49 – buy here
  • Large Capacity Storage Bag, £2.48, was £3.99 – buy here
  • TWS Wireless In-Ear Headphones, £4.05, was £12.99 – buy here

When is Black Friday 2023?

Every November shoppers are treated to an incredible mega-sale.

This year Black Friday is on November 24, so make sure you're ready to get shopping then.

The date always follows on from Thanksgiving in the States, with offers running through the weekend to Cyber Monday.

Sometimes retailers offer early deals too, launching earlier in November, but don't worry we'll be keeping track of the best Black Friday deals as they launch in our guide.

Is Temu taking part in Black Friday this year and what deals to expect?

The good news is we're definitely getting Temu Black Friday deals for 2023.

In fact, the Black Friday fun has already begun and you can start shopping the Temu pre-Black Friday offers now.

It's a great opportunity to find even lower prices on this already bargain site, whether you're stocking up on clothes, kitchen gadgets, electronics, home or garden furniture.

You can even get started on your Christmas shopping as it's a great place to find a range of gifts for all your friends and family.

Items do get snapped up fast, so do your prep now and make a wishlist so you don't miss out.

The Temu app has also become very popular with bargain-hunters thanks to its super-low prices, especially as many households are struggling as the cost of living continues to rise.

The app offers daily discounts and flash offers for user to take advantage of, so will be a useful platform for deal-hunters come November 24.

  • Temu Black Friday deals – shop here

What was in Temu's sale last year?

It was an incredible sale in 2022 – and we're hoping to get the same again!

Temu slashed prices across a massive range of products, giving shoppers plenty of choice.

Loads of Temu's items were available at 70% off.

Here are some of Temu's deals from last year:

  • Ceramic Space Heater, £12.99, was £41.99
  • Portable Rice Cooker, £32.49, was £107.99
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments, 30p, was £2.99
  • Avocado Slicer, 69p, was £1.49
  • Rechargeable Lint Remover, £6.37, was £16.49
  • Lenovo Wireless Earphones, £7.37, was £22.49

When is Cyber Monday 2023?

Cyber Monday follows straight on from Black Friday, creating a long weekend of amazing deals.

This year, Cyber Monday lands on November 27.

Traditionally all the sales on Cyber Monday were the online-only counterpart to many in-store deals available on Black Friday.

However, over time Black Friday has become a firm fixture for online shoppers looking for deals ahead of the festive season.

Morphing Black Friday and Cyber Monday into one mega sale event.

In the past some retailers have saved up a few exclusive deals to release on the final Cyber Monday date.

After all it is also your last chance to shop for less during the sales before Christmas.

  • Temu Black Friday deals – shop here

Is Temu available in the UK?

Yes, it is! The company is operated by a Chinese e-commerce firm, PDD Holdings Inc.

But the app has gone global, and that includes access for UK shoppers.

Shoppers can use the Temu app or visit its website to place orders.

The latter might take a bit longer (some customers have reported waiting weeks to receive an order), but it still basically works.

That's the trade-off for using this massive and low-priced marketplace.

Is Temu a trustworthy site?

Generally yes – if you can place an order with Temu, you will receive that product as advertised.

It collects data from shoppers, but then so do other big retailers like Amazon.

If you're worried about whether Temu is legit, read our guide here.

Then you can decide whether you're happy shopping on Temu, and if its low prices are worth going for.

Why is Temu UK so cheap?

Well, we've actually got a handy explainer on why its prices are so cheap!

If you're wondering how you can buy items for under £1, have a good read of that.

But to sum up: China's comparatively low labour costs and manufacturing costs make a big difference.

Temu is also a spinoff of the e-commerce giant Pinduoduo Inc, so it has an in-built factory network and handy supply chain already in place.

  • Temu Black Friday deals – shop here

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How much does Temu's delivery cost?

Temu offers standard shipping on most offers to the UK.

If you want express shipping, it costs £9.

Find more shipping info here.

Does Temu offer any other discounts?

Not really – Temu prides itself on its low prices to start with.

You might see some clearance sales.

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However, Black Friday is by far the biggest opportunity to shop a range of products at the lowest possible prices.

  • Temu Black Friday deals – shop here

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