‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Insists David Eason’s ‘Perfect’ After Comparing Him To R. Kelly

Jenelle visited Briana in Orlando during the May 6 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’, when she tried convincing her co-star that her husband, David Eason, is a ‘perfect’ man, despite what others are saying.

Jenelle Evans seriously compared her husband, David Eason, to R. Kelly, during the May 6 episode of Teen Mom 2. And it wasn’t as though she was comparing their talents, or lack thereof. Instead, she was telling her friend how she feels David has been vilified in the same way that R. Kelly was when his Lifetime documentary first aired in late 2018. She explained how her mom, Barbara, and Teen Mom 2 producers keep talking trash about her husband, but because he’s not allowed to film, he can’t defend himself. She said the same was true for the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer, after dozens of girls accused him of sexual harassment and assault in the Lifetime doc.

So basically, Jenelle doesn’t seem to believe R. Kelly accusers. Because we all know how she feels about her husband. Despite all the horrible stuff he’s done (and we’re not even including him recently murdering her dog because that happened after this episode had filmed), she still think he’s “perfect”. No joke — she used that word to describe him when visiting Briana in Florida this week. Ugh — will she ever learn?

Meanwhile, Chelsea suffered a panic attack while hanging out with her friend, so she had to be rushed to the emergency room. It all stemmed from the robbery at her house, so doctors kept a monitor on her for 48 hours to make sure nothing bad would happen.

As for Leah, she dealt with some awkward conversations this week after her daughter, Addie, became confused about her divorce from Jeremy. And Kailyn finalized child support with Jo, so she moved forward with buying a new piece of land to build a house on.

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