Stunning model says selling steamy content on OnlyFans is empowering

A model who started posting racy pictures and steamy sex videos on OnlyFans after losing her job says the experience has been empowering.

Victoria Barrett, from Southampton, lost her job during the pandemic and decided to try her hand at adult content creation.

The 24-year-old says the amount of money you can make on the subscription-based site is ‘endless’ and it now funds her ‘luxury lifestyle’.

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While she recognises some see sex work and pornography as a problematic industry – her experience has been empowering

The model says when she first launched her page, her dream was simply to have enough cash to be able to fuel up her car without stress – now she can do it every time she stops at the pumps.

Victoria was a huge success immediately, and after one month on the X-rated app she had enough money that she could splurge on some treats for her and her family.

She bought herself a new Range Rover and decided to pay off all of her mums debts and bills.

The model offers her loyal army of fans a menu of content they can purchase and how much it will cost them – but she also accepts private requests such as ‘feet pictures’.

OnlyFans isn’t Victoria’s only source of income, she also models for Page 3 and the occasional swimwear shoot.

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Speaking to Yahoo News, she said: “For me, it’s a business. I don’t attach any emotion to it.

“Yes, some people judge me for what I do, but at the end of the day, it’s just a job to me and why would I do a boring 9-5 job in an office when I can get paid much more to do something more fun and in my own time?

“Having said that, you do need to have a thick skin to do this line of work. The main haters I find are men – but it’s all so hypocritical which is why I take it with a pinch of salt.

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“Just because it’s sex work doesn’t mean I'm a bad person or immoral. I'm no different to anyone else doing any other sort of job and making a living. It doesn’t define me.

“In my real life, everyone including my boyfriends, my parents and my two older brothers are supportive of what I do.

“They figure, as long as I'm safe and they know it’s affording me a comfortable life, then they’re happy. If my family who loves me most and cares about me aren’t worried about it and don’t judge me for it, then why should anybody else?”

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