Spoilers: Killer Robert saves David from death in Neighbours?

The Robinsons are desperate – David (Takaya Honda) is on the verge of dying and it would appear no one can help. But their desperation will lead them down a dangerous path in Neighbours that could have massive consequences.

David’s at death’s door when a nasty infection takes hold and threatens his already failing kidney. The family are desperate, with Aaron (Matt Wilson) turning to tarot cards for help while Paul (Stefan Dennis) does what he knows best and makes a dark turn – attempting to make a deal with Claudia to find David a kidney.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) comes up with a hair-brained idea to save David and takes Roxy (Zima Anderson) along for the ride, deciding that paying a visit to David’s psychopath half-brother Robert is the way forward. Roxy is obviously still keeping the fact she was a match close to her chest which leads them to try and make a deal with the devil.

But with Harlow visiting the dangerous Robinson, will she have any idea the consequences she is about to unleash on Ramsay Street?

Harlow is eager to find out whether Robert (Adam Hunter) can help and is over the moon when she learns he’s passed the first two tests – it looks like he might be able to save David if he can pass a third test. But what he asks for in return could be a pricey sum for the Robinsons to pay.

When Paul learns of Harlow’s plan he is disgusted and immediately refuses the murderer’s help. But with David’s condition deteriorating, he’s given no choice. He and Harlow have no idea what they’ve got themselves into…

Scenes air from Monday 16th December at 12.50pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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