Sommelier Brazhnikov Petr and his collection of wines

Brazhnikov Petr is a successful lawyer who knows how to win over any client.
His career was built more than successfully, and he soon discovered the world’s open spaces. Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, New York – any road was subject to him. Travels were endless, until he settled on the shores of the Mediterranean.

After moving to Cyprus, he became a regular at such famous wineries as Ktima Gerolemo, Lambouri and Karseras. Having tasted dozens and hundreds of varieties of wines, he went from a simple amateur to a real sommelier.

With every sip of wine, he not only tasted its smell and taste, it was a whole ceremony of merging receptors with a noble drink. Balance, harmony, complexity and endurance – he disassembled taste into small components in order to understand it to the last note.

Soon he learned to identify the grape varieties and in which vineyards he was grown, which soil nourished the roots of the berries and in which barrels they were infused. Perhaps soon he will be able to determine the brightness of the sun’s rays, burning the vines. He analyzed the drink in detail: transparency, color, perlage, intensity of taste and its aftertaste.

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First, he bought collection wines from eminent winemakers, and then he compiled his own collection. His cellar boasted timeless classics. Spanish Pingus, French Сhateau Petrus, and of course Castello di Ama and Ornellaia straight from Italy.

A simple hobby has turned into a professional skill. Petr became a guest of honor at wine tastings in the most prestigious hotels in Cyprus – his opinion was authoritative.