Smoke Shop Employee Takes on Four Armed Robbers — and Wins — in INSANE Shootout Caught on Camera

Outnumbered, surrounded, with a gun pointed at his face.

A gang of armed robbers in California are wanted for murder — after one of their own got killed in a botched raid caught on film.

The astonishing footage, shared by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau on Wednesday, shows a smoke shop employee single-handedly taking on four armed thieves in a wild shootout — and winning.

The incident took place just before 7 PM on April 3, in the “Smoke Shop” on S. Wilmington Avenue in Compton.

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Security camera captured four men walking into the store, while a sole security guard, wearing a “security” vest, stands behind the counter, a holstered gun on his hip.

Exactly 17 seconds after entering, the last man in suddenly pulls a handgun from his waistband and points it straight at the guard’s face; but within 2 seconds, the guard suddenly pulls his own gun — and an insane gunfight breaks out.

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A second robber can be seen pulling a gun and firing at the guard, who has ducked behind the glass counter for what little cover it can provide; all four try to flee the store, falling over each other as glass shatters and splinters fly.

As one manages to scramble out of the store, his accomplices can be seen cowering behind a shelf by the door, all three returning fire at the guard, who keeps shooting despite being outnumbered four to one.

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According to LACSD, all four fled the store — but one of them didn’t make it very far.

Deputies were notified of a gunshot victim at nearby Martin Luther King Hospital around 30 minutes later. Investigators quickly determined he was one of the suspects from the botched robbery.

He died of his wounds at hospital.

A second suspect was apprehended by deputies the following day. The two remaining suspects — identified as 21-year-old Keith Terrion Rachel (pictured, left) and 23-year-old Kahlel Malik Lundy (pictured, right) — are still at large. Both are wanted for murder.

The smoke shop employee meanwhile was taken to hospital having suffered gunshot wounds to his face and neck, but was later released.

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