Shopper slams Aldi over car cleaning set with vile word children shouldnt see

A woman has criticised Aldi for selling a car cleaning kit that she says has a word on that children shouldn’t see.

The Aldi store in Netherton, West Midlands, was slammed by the shopper on Facebook for stocking the product called “demon chill”.

She posted on Facebook about her reservations.

The woman said: "Totally disgusted Aldi are selling this. Any advice on how to complain as a consumer or get a petition or something to have it removed from shelves?

"We should not have to see this in supermarkets nor should our children become familiar with this word. It's a total curse.

“Demonise your car??? Come on. This is absolutely vile! Any Christians amongst us or even people with common sense?"

The car care range is said to include all of the "essentials to overcome the harsh winter”, reports the LiverpooolEcho.

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It added that the kit will contain “all the essentials you need to approach and overcome the harsh winter conditions that the UK has to offer, Demon has introduced a variety of products to assist you in combat this winter."

But, not everyone agreed with the woman’s complaints.

On Facebook, one bloke said: “WTF words fail me.”

While a woman added: “What happened to adults just explaining things to their children in an age appropriate way, rather than demand things be removed from sale?”

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“She’s an absolute plant pot,” laughed another.

And, not even fellow Christians agreed with the woman’s point of view.

A religious person commented: “Any Christian would see the offense. No this Christian here sees it for what it is, a car cleaning kit.”

The Daily Star contacted Aldi for comment.

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