Shameless couple caught having sex on bus

A UK couple decided to get jiggy with it on a bus passing by a school, as seen in a video of their randy ride which caused the pair to be shamed by social media masses.

The raunchy romp occurred Tuesday afternoon on a bus riding through Prestwich, Manchester. Gas engineer John Paul Dolan, who was in a van with friends at the time, said he noticed “movement” in his peripherals on the bus just above an ad for “Frozen 2.” Upon closer inspection, he saw the salacious strap-bangers “vigorously” making love on the upper deck of the bus — in full view of passersby.

“It was mad, very strange,” Dolan, who captured photos and video, told the Mirror.

The caught-on-camera tryst depicts a woman blatantly mounting her partner in front of other passengers as the bus travels down the street.

Despite initially finding the stunt funny, Dolan said he changed his mind after realizing the vehicle was headed toward a high school. He even posted the clip to social media to shame the exhibitionists, which he said has garnered 60,000 views and an outpouring of outraged responses.

Dolan admitted he hopes that “they’re a couple and not doing it on the sly, because now they’ve gone viral.”

The case has certainly caught the attention of the transit company, Go North West, which has “informed the relevant authorities,” a spokesperson told the Mirror.

Incidents of transportation fornication aren’t limited to across the pond. Earlier this month, a couple of NYC straphangers were busted in a series of steamy subterranean sex sessions.

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