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SUPERMARKET giant Sainsbury's has over 300 petrol stations in England.

According to the RAC, the latest average price for unleaded across the UK is 169.88p per litre, while diesel is 183.39p per litre.

Unleaded petrol was around 30p cheaper per litre in August last year.

So knowing where you can get the cheapest fuel at Sainsbury's is as important as ever.

But is there a way to find out how much your nearest forecourt is charging?

The simple answer is no.

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While Sainsbury's has a store locator on its website where you can add filters to include ones that sell diesel and unleaded petrol, you can't find out how much that forecourt is charging.

Therefore, you can figure out that if you live in Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk, your nearest Sainsbury's petrol station is in Bedingfield Way on the outskirts of town.

Or, if you live in central Bradford, your nearest petrol station is in Harrogate Road, just outside of the city.

However, you can't see how much the fuel will cost there, so you'll just have to head down in your car to find out.

How can you find out about cheap local prices?

If you don't want to leave the comfort of your home to drive around for the cheapest petrol there are alternatives.

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There are websites that can tell you where to get the cheapest fuel in your local area.

On the PetrolPrices app and website, which compiles data from the public, you can check prices from more than 8,000 forecourts near you.

Comparison website also has a petrol prices checker that lets registered users find petrol prices within a five, 10 or 25mile radius.

Finally, Fleet News and Allstar lets you check petrol prices across multiple counties to see how your area compares to others across the UK.

How can I reduce my fuel usage?

As well as shopping around for the cheapest fuel, there are tricks and hacks you can employ to actually cut your fuel usage down.

For example, avoiding harsh braking or other sudden movements in your vehicle will make for a smoother drive and reduce the amount you spend on fuel.

Decluttering your car by either removing unnecessary items or not filling your tank up to the brim will help to cut back on costs as well.

In addition, pumping your tyres up will create less drag on the road and reduce the amount of fuel or diesel you use.

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