Russell Brand throwing his career off a cliff posing with Donald Jr.

The British comedian posed happily with the son of Donald Trump at an event for a video streaming platform popular among the far-right, which hosts the likes of Alex Jones as well as Brand’s own videos.

Donald Jr’s fiance Kimberly Guilfoyle shared the photograph on her Instagram account. The comedian, with his greying beard and ripped jeans, bedecked in a string of beads and showing off a tattooed forearm, posed in Longboat Key, Florida, at the grand opening of the new headquarters of Rumble.

Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. smiled with the British comedian and she captioned the snap: “Naturally, couldn’t resist a pic with the incomparable #AldousSnow.”

Brand streams live exclusively on Rumble, an alternative to YouTube, which is popular among far-right users and creators. It hosts conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, known for alledging the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was “a giant hoax”.

Also at the event was Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, the social media brand set up by Donald Trump after he was removed from Twitter by the platform’s former owners. New owner Elon Musk has since reversed Trump’s permanent ban from the platform.

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A number of Brand’s fans were very unhappy to see the comedian, actor, author, and YouTuber spending time with Donald Trump Jr. One Twitter user wrote: “I see Russell Brand wasn’t satisfied with how much he’d already tanked his own career and reputation, so he apparently decided to throw both off a cliff.”

Another remarked: “Russell Brand has always been trash. We just gave him a pass ’cause he was in some movies we thought were funny 15 years ago.”

However, Guilfoyle’s followers were thrilled to see the YouTuber. One wrote: “Russell Brand has become someone that people really take seriously, he has proven Great credibility and knowledge and we need MORE people like him on platforms so people can be spoken truth into their ears more!” [sic]

Another said: “I love Russell Brand! He’s done so much to wake people.”

Brand last toured in 2018 with his Russell Brand: Re:Birth, which was filmed in London in April 2018 and was released on Netflix on 4 December 2018. The show explored Brand’s experience of fatherhood.

The Briton has two children with blogger Laura Gallacher, who he met after his split from world-famous pop star Katy Perry. It was rated three out of five stars on IMDB, three stars by The Scotsman, and also three stars by The Guardian.

Brand has had a long-running interest in politics. In 2009 he condemned Isreal’s actions towards Gaza. He expressed his disappointment with the British political system and urged Britons to disengage as a form of revolutionary protest.

In 2013 he guest edited an edition of the New Statesman based on the theme of revolution. Then, in 2014 he launched his YouTube account The Trews: True News with Russell Brand, which he used to support striking firefighters that year.

Despite urging Britons not to vote in the 2017 general election, he changed his mind just three days before the election after hosting the Labour leader Ed Milliband on his podcast. He urged Britons to vote Labour and said: “I think we’ve got no choice but to take decisive action to end the danger of the Conservative party”.

Brand endorsed Jeremy Corbyn in the 2015 leadership election for Labour and then went on to support him in 2017.

He moved to Rumble after one of his YouTube videos was removed for contravening YouTube’s policy on medical misinformation. Now he hosts shows on Rumble with titles such as: “Your Blood Is Being Sucked And Sold To China!”, “‘WE AREN’T ALONE’ Brand New UFO Footage Revealed” and “Shhh… Don’t Mention The Vaccines.”

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