Royal Mail announces important change that starts today

Royal Mail has announced an important change that customers should be aware of.

In today’s daily service update, the postal service shared how post will be collected and delivered in Jersey.

It stated: “Royal Mail and Jersey Post have made the joint decision to remove the current dedicated postal flight and instead use the pre-existing ferry service to send and receive post from the island. This will result in a two-day service.

“All mail to and from the island will be delivered by ferry from Monday August 7.”

Royal Mail also shared some key information on the movement of mail through Royal Mail’s network.

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The postal service reported that Royal Mail’s rail network services operated to schedule over the weekend, as did its road network.

However, Royal Mail’s air network was disrupted when the early Saturday morning flight from Inverness to Kirkwall arrived later than planned, as the mail arrived at Inverness later than expected.

Royal Mail warned: “As a result, some mail posted Friday in parts of the North East Scotland, due for delivery in Orkney may arrive later than planned.”

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Two mail centres also reported that not all mail was processed and despatched to schedule over the weekend.

“Gatwick Mail Centre: Some mail posted on Friday in parts of the BN and RH postcode areas, due for delivery in other parts of the UK.

“London Central Mail Centre: Some mail posted on Friday in parts of the EC, N, W1 and WC postcode areas, due for delivery in other parts of the UK.”

Deliveries today

Royal Mail aims to deliver to all addresses it has mail for, six days a week.

However, this is not always totally possible due to high levels of staff sickness absences, resourcing, local factors or poor weather conditions.

In such cases, deliveries are rotated to minimise the delay to individual customers, and targeted support is provided to affected offices to address their challenges.

Today, Monday August 7, the office most impacted by postal delays is Newport East DO (NP18 and NP19).

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