RHONY's Sai De Silva Is No Longer 'Best Friends' With Brynn Whitfield

Sai De Silva and Brynn Whitfield’s The Real Housewives of New York City bond has splintered.

“By the end of this [season], we are not best friends … but stay tuned to find out,” Sai, 42, exclusively teased to Us Weekly on Thursday, July 20, while promoting the new season of RHONY. “That was a big surprise to me. It was a huge surprise.”

RHONY premiered earlier this month and introduced a whole new squad of NYC-based Housewives, including fashion influencer Sai and marketing consultant Brynn, 36. In the debut episode, Brynn even gushed about her bond with Sai.

“I consider Sai to 100 percent be one of my best friends,” Brynn, who is the only unmarried RHONY star, said during a confessional in the July 16 premiere. “I just like going to her house because it’s like that’s what I want. Like, she’s living the life that I want.”

In the episode, Brynn also brought special presents for Sai’s two children — London, 11, and Rio, 5 —when she came to visit the Brooklyn-based family before confessing that Sai and husband David Craig’s little ones make her yearn to have babies of her own. She later quipped that she does not feel the same about costar Jessel Taank’s rowdy 2-year-old twin sons with husband Pavit Randhawa.

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Brynn and Sai are no longer BFF goals since filming wrapped, with the Scout the City blogger even telling Us that their feud “came out of nowhere.”

“It was something completely different [than what’s expected],” Sai explained of what went down, noting that their falling out will play out later this season. “You know, it’s good.”

When asked if Sai thought Brynn was “not the person she thought she was,” Sai shut down the speculation. “Not necessarily,” she told Us. “She’s a fun girl. She’s a lot of fun. As you can see, she has this huge bubbly personality [and] she’s great for going out with, but let’s just say she can’t hold a secret.”

While Sai alluded that their friendship breakup dealt with Brynn’s loose lips, she flat out denied that it was based on her costar’s flirtatious behavior with the Househusbands.

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“No, it had absolutely nothing to do with the flirting,” Sai said, referring to costar Erin Lichy’s claims about how Brynn spoke to her husband, Abe Lichy. “I think that Brynn also has a lot of jokes [and] she communicates through humor. So, sometimes her jokes don’t always necessarily land. I knew where she was coming from in that moment. She was just telling a joke or demonstrating some sort of, you know, funny behavior. It just didn’t land at that moment.”

While Erin, 36, was not pleased with a friend allegedly putting the moves on her spouse, Sai would not be bothered if it happened to her.

“If someone flirts with my husband, I’m like, ‘Good for you,’” she joked to Us about her husband of 14 years. “I’m so happy you still got it, right? Thumbs up. But then I like to break it up, you know, if I’m like across the [room] and I see like a girl flirting with him, I was like, ‘Look at my husband though,’ and then I like to come in and be like, ‘By the way, he’s not available.’ But it’s good for the soul. It’s like a little bit of a sport. You don’t die just because you get married.”

New episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City air on Bravo Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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