Racy nightclub snap goes viral as people spot tell-tale marks around mans face

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Next time you're boozing in a nightclub, we'd recommend keeping away from the photographer.

No one wants to be snapped when they're throwing awkward shapes on the dance-floor, snogging a stranger or stumbling around in heels.

But unfortunately for this couple, their night of antics was definitely not forgotten.

Twitter users were left giggling when they spotted a picture of two revellers smooching passionately – luckily, no drinks were spilled but their snog certainly did get quite messy.

In the snap that has racked up 20,000 likes, the raunchy pair can be seen kissing with tongues and all.

However, as they had their heads in close proximity to one another, the woman’s makeup transferred onto the bloke's face as they necked.

Hilariously, the unassuming man had light coloured makeup around his mouth, nose and forehead as he continued to kiss the glam woman.

Left in stitches at the snap, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the club photo.

One person giggled: “Man looking like he ate a powdered donut.”

Another user added: “She planned to make bread or something?”

A third person mocked: “Was he baking just before this?”

Someone else chuckled: “Report says she is a painter.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person added: “This dude is living life as it's meant to be!”

And, some people can even relate to the club snap.

One lad admitted: “Lmao oh man I'm having flashbacks just looking at this I gotta log off.”

A second user wrote: “Me last weekend : ‘you still look hot with my makeup all over your face lol’.”

Another confessed: “It’s makeup this happens all the time to me.”

This lad shared: “I can admit that this only happened to me once and I was p***ed.”

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