Quiz: How common is your Christmas?

Are you festive trash?

If you open your presents at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, load up your plate with all the sides, and cover your home in tinsel, you just might be.

Sorry about that.

We’re not the ones judging, to be clear.

Etiquette coach William Hanson has declared certain Christmas acts are frightfully common and actually ‘tragic’.

Well then.

Speaking to Fabulous, he explained that Christmas cocktails are ‘naff’, as are artificial trees, flashing lights, and eating more than two types of veg.

What’s posh (and therefore good) is raising your own turkey to slay for the big day and honouring the religious component of Christmas, not just the festive traditions.

So, how common is your Christmas? We’ve made a handy quiz based of William’s wisdom.

Don’t feel too bad if you’re decidedly un-posh. We’re big fans of being common if it means having a merry day and lots of baubles.

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