Prince Harry ‘steers Meghan Markle’ as he ‘develops nose for PR’ – body language expert

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Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, have carried out two milestone engagements in recent days. They took part in a podcast about teenage mental health and were interviewed by education activist and Nobel Prize laureate Malala to mark International Day of the Girl.

According to a language expert, Prince Harry appeared to curb his wife Meghan Markle’s comments during their chat with Malala after she was dealt flack by critics for touching on her own experience of trolling during the mental health podcast.

Body language analyst and author Judi James told “Like their podcast on the weekend, Harry also sounds keen to steer some of Meghan’s verbal messages.

“When she spoke about her own trolling experiences during their podcast Harry seemed to come in to curve it back onto the teenagers they were addressing to ensure it suggested empathy rather than a bid for sympathy.

“And here, after Meghan says it has been ‘just fantastic’ in lockdown, despite initially joining in with the expressions of pleasure about spending more time with Archie, Harry is the one who very emphatically points out that ‘We have been working really, really hard’.”

Judi added: “Following some of the criticism of some of Meghan’s podcast comments it does sound as though Harry is developing more of a nose for PR.

“His sense of growing awareness about his own life of entitlement and privilege is obvious in the way that he apologises for having taken his own top-drawer education for granted.”

Judi highlighted huge differences between Meghan’s ‘relaxed’ body language and Harry’s fidgeting.

The body language expert said: “While Meghan looks elegant and relaxed here, Harry’s now-signature rituals of fidgeting and finger and spine-flexing suggest he’s impatient to get out on the road and throw himself into his causes more actively in a bid to make a change.”

She added: “He sits forward with his legs splayed and his gestures become high and expansive as he makes his points.”

According to Judi, Meghan adopts a “deferent” stance during the video chat with Malala, suggesting she is “in awe” of the young activist.

Judi said: “Meghan’s body language in this interview appears to show some deference to the profound personal experience and charisma of Malala.

“Almost mimicking the more humble, self-diminished pose of Kate here, Meghan inches her torso away from Harry at the start, to sit with her body scrunched and her hands clasped between her own legs.”


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The expert added: “Every time she does bring her hands out to gesticulate she pops them back between her legs in ‘resting’ mode and this pose does suggest she is somewhat in awe of Malala.”

Judi claimed Harry and Meghan appear to present a united and family-orientated front during this latest appearance.

The expert said: “There have been rumours that Harry might be set to return to the UK and many of Meghan’s poses and gestures do seem to be intended to emphasise their relationship and their bonding as a family.

“As Harry speaks Meghan often moves her hand clasp close to his legs and her finger clasp seems to be making a big feature of her wedding ring.”

Judi added:  “When Malala addresses a question to Harry, Meghan nods too, suggesting team thinking, and when Meghan gushes about the ‘Good family time’ they’re having during lockdown she gazes adoringly at Harry, although he doesn’t meet her gaze and looks down instead.”

Meghan and Harry quit their royal roles in March and resettled in the USA.

Since their royal exit the couple have signed a £112 million deal with Netflix which has granted them financial independence from the Royal Family.

Going forward, Meghan and Harry intend to launch their new non for profit organisation Archewell which has been on hold during the pandemic.

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