Pizza Huts latest offering is just 650 calories and a fan-favourite

Christmas may be well and truly over, but Pizza Hut have a gift for us all.

The fast food restaurant has decided to bring back their flatbreads after high demand from their customers.

The style of pizza first appeared as a limited edition option in January 2020, but have know managed to earn their very own spot on the menu. You go, Glen Coco.

The flatbreads will be available in three different flavours for our eating pleasure.

The Beyond Meat Italian-style Sausage is great for those after a vegetarian option, and features gooey mozzarella pearls, tangy tomatoes, and punchy pesto sauce.

While the Chicken and Bacon, as well as the BBQ Steak and Chicken both do what they say on the tin.

The time between December and January pay days seems to be never-ending, so we were happy to discover that the flatbreads are on the £5 favourites menu.

While, the options are all under 650 calories if you're on a January health kick but still need treats. Let's be honest, we all need treats!

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Pizza Hut aren't the only fast food joint to make a previously popular item a permanent fixture.

McDonald's have decided to add the McPlant burger to their line-up after a successful trial in 2021.

Based on the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe, the McPlant burger took the foodies at McDonald’s three years to develop and to perfect the recipe. Not a second was wasted in our opinion.

Coming in at 429 calories, the vegan meat-alternative is almost 200 calories less than its meaty counterpart.

According to fitness, wellness guru and nutrition expert Penny Weston, the fast food chain’s latest launch may leave people pleasantly surprised by the potential of vegan food.

“Because it's made from Beyond Meat it will taste very meaty too so lots of people won't be able to tell the difference between that and a meat alternative,” she said.

“It’s high in protein meaning people will feel fuller for longer which helps to reduce overeating too.” place your order for contact-free collection or delivery.

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