Photos of the Devastation Caused By Hurricane Laura & How You Can Help In the Aftermath

Hurricane Laura made landfall in the U.S. on early Thursday morning as a Category 4 hurricane and has since been downgraded to tropical storm. The storm brought less flood damage than experts anticipated, but inflicted a significant amount of structural damage, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said on MSNBC Thursday morning.

Pictured here, wind blows through the trees in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Aug. 27 as the eye of the hurricane passed through. 

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James Sonya surveys what is left of his uncle’s barber shop in Lake Charles, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura passed through. 

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Damaged homes sit among flood water in Holly Beach, Louisiana. 

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A street is seen strewn with debris and downed power lines in Lake Charles.

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A road is blocked off by destroyed trees in Lake Charles. 

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People walk past a destroyed building in Lake Charles. 

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Dustin Amos walks near debris at a gas station in Lake Charles. 

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Chris Johnson views destruction at his home in Lake Charles.

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The storm caused massive flooding in Sabine Pass, Texas, seen in a photo taken on Aug. 27. 

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Mitch Pickering plays his guitar while walking through the downtown area of Lake Charles.

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The Capitol One Bank Tower in Lake Charles had its windows blow out during the storm. 

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Where to Donate

  • Donate to Global Giving 
  • Donate to Imagine Water Works
  • Donate to Project Hope 
  • Donate the Cajun Navy
  • Donate to the Red Cross
  • Donate to Imagine Water Works
  • Donate to UNICEF
  • Donate to the Salvation Army 

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Other Ways to Help

  • Host people in need of housing through Airbnb.
  • If you’re in the impacted area, donate blood. See where you can here.
  • Sign up to be a volunteer with The Red Cross or Operation Blessing. 

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