Photographer captures perfect moment when mum finds out baby 'girl' is a boy

A few days after the due date, the parents went into hospital with their birth photographer, Lauren Jolly, ready to welcome their third child into the world

‘I delivered my baby in the tub and then carried “her” over to the bed. About 10 minutes later, they prepared to cut baby’s cord and I exclaimed “What is that? Is this a boy baby?!”’

‘Will immediately double checked and fell to his knees. We were all in shock and couldn’t stop laughing. I’m so glad my photographer Lauren was there to capture this moment! She arrived just 15 minutes before the baby was born!’

Nancy detailed the birth story of her first son Beaufort – as she did with all her children – on her blog.

The mummy blogger explained how she only had only one ultrasound for each pregnancy – an anatomy scan at 18 weeks. But for Beautfort she had one more to check to see the head was facing down as she chose to have him at a birth centre.

Of course, it was a different story on the day. After being in labour for two hours, Nancy decided she wanted to be transferred to a hospital to be given an epidural.

Sadly though that meant Will couldn’t join her in the delivery room beause he had come down with the flu. But Nancy decided she wasn’t going to give birth to her child without the father there.

So she kept pushing at the birth centre until baby Beaufort was born – a name they had been saving for him.

You can follow Nancy’s family diaries over on her Instagram.

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