People share snaps of the most evil looking buildings ever seen

Spooky enough for a super villain! People share snaps of buildings that look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie – from a church ‘shooting out laser beams’ to a VERY unwelcoming hotel

  • Bored Panda rounded up some of the creepiest buildings from around the world
  • Among them is an eerie Russian hotel and a cathedral with ‘laser beams’
  • Other scary architecture includes a tower that looks suspiciously like a UFO

Ever seen a building that has given you the shivers? Perhaps a particularly creepy old castle, or medieval tower?

That kind of historical architecture has nothing on some of these eerie constructions from around the world, rounded up by Bored Panda.

From a Russian hotel that looks anything but welcoming, to a church that appears to be shooting out laser beams, the list includes properties that wouldn’t look out of place as a villainous lair.  

If you’re of a nervous disposition, you should be careful before scrolling, as some of these edifices are the stuff nightmares are made from. 

This building in Russia, thought by some people online to be the Zarechye Hostel in Dzerzhinskiy, offers a 24-hour front desk and a shared kitchen, along with free WiFi throughout

The Riverside Museum, in Glasgow, Scotland, is given an eerie hue with green lighting illuminating its unusually-shaped exterior

This unlikely edifice is Oakley’s headquarters – Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, USA. That’s right – Oakley, as in the sunglasses manufacturer

These unusual structures were identified by one commentator as naval fire control towers built by the Nazis during WW2, in Guernsey and France 

This spiky structure was identified by one reader as the bridge over the Gauja, Valmiera, Latvia. They said it doesn’t look quite so intimidating in better weather

This cathedral, thought to be Uppsala Cathedral in Uppsala, Sweden, seems to be shooting laser beams out from its windows

This bank in Frankfurt, Germany, gives off a sickly green glow, which makes it stand out even more from the surrounding quaint buildings

The Charite Research Facility for Experimental Medicine (pictured) was the Central Animal Laboratory of the Free University of Berlin 

Identified by readers online as the Avala Tower in Belgrade, Serbia, this structure is a 204.68 m (672 ft) tall telecommunications tower, and can be found on Mount Avala

Prague TV Tower, already an unearthly looking structure, was made even spookier by the addition of these figures created by artist David Černý in 2004. The artwork was called ‘Babies’

The Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, USA, is often referred to online as ‘Sauron’, due to its uncanny likeness to the character in Lord of the Rings

This structure – the Space Needle in Seattle – could be the set for a horror movie, thanks to the dark weather giving the building a deeply ominous look

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