People share hilarious signs that have made them laugh

A sign of a good sense of humour! Snaps reveal VERY funny notices designed to grab your attention – from ‘push, push, push’ on a maternity ward door to a ‘wet floor’ board on a swimming pool

  • People from around the world have shared signs that made them look twice
  • One snap shows a maternity ward door that really emphasises the need to push
  • In another, a job advertisement for a graphic designer is done poorly on purpose

Sometimes a funny sign can brighten up a sad day – from ‘push push push’ being written on the doors of a maternity ward to wet floor sign being placed under a door.

And now people from around the world have shared the best examples of comical signs and and notices – with the very best collated in a gallery by The Rocket Science.   

One funny attempt at self deprecating humour shows a café highlighting a bad review, while another asks drivers to join in if they hate speeding ticket, by raising their right foot.

Elsewhere, a hotel lets customers know that dogs are welcome by saying they’re better than humans, and the phrase ‘it’s 5 O’clock somewhere’ gets replaced with ‘it’s 2020’. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…

One maternity ward door, believed to be in the US, hilariously had ‘Push Push Push’ written on it

One hilarious person, believed to be in the UK, put a ‘caution wet floor’ sign under the swimming pool

Speaking for students everywhere! One school at an unknown location asked algebra to stop looking for X – and don’t ask Y!

Taking it on the chin! One cafe in Stockport, UK, said ‘come in and try the worst coffee one woman on TripAdvisor ever had in her life’ 

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Getting snappy! One Zoo in India joked that visitors who throw rocks at crocodiles will have to retrieve them too

How 2020s!  One UK bookshop jokingly put up a sign saying they’d moved their post-apocalyptic fiction page to current affairs

One creative billboard, in LA, said they were ‘looking for a graphic designer’  on a very poor design

Any excuse! Another sign in Maine, USA joked ‘It’s 2020, everywhere, drink when you want!’

One South African company cleverly told customers to ‘use electricity wisely’ – by blacking out half their sign

One hotel in San Francisco, US, said that dogs are welcome to stay – as they’re better than humans

Another sassy sign in the US showed ‘raise your right foot’ if you hate speeding

Would you go into the woods? Another ominous sign warned not to go into the woods as they don’t want to hide your body

Another sign, at an unknown location, joked ‘Skinny people are easier to kidnap, stay safe, east cake’

Another home in the UK had to put up a sign saying their cat wasn’t stuck, after being asked too many times

What did Joe do! One work site in the US said that there had been no accidents since Joe left

Turn around, another sign at t dead end told drivers to turn around because their GPS was wrong

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