Pamela Anderson, Sons Slam 'Pam & Tommy' Series In New Doc: 'I Feel Sick'

"My stomach right now feels like it's been punched."

Pamela Anderson remained mum when Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy” series — which revolved around the couple’s stolen sex tape — first aired. But, thanks to a new documentary about her life, we’re starting to learn what she and her family thought about the series — and, well, they aren’t fans.

In the new Netflix doc, “Pamela: A Love Story,” Anderson makes it clear she refuses to watch the series — which starred Lily James and Sebastian Stan — and hasn’t even watched the original tape which inspired the show.

“I have no desire to watch it. I never watched the tape, I’m never going to watch this,” she said, via ET. She also said the show runners “should have had my permission” to make the show, adding that, “nobody really knows what we were going through at the time.”

“Why bring something up from 20 years ago that you know f—ed someone up?” added Pam and Tommy’s son Dylan (via Esquire). “The worst part of her life and making a semi-comedy out of it didn’t make sense.”

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After her son Brandon fills her in on the first three episodes of the Hulu series, Anderson tells him she’s “shaking.”

“This feels really weird,” she continued. “I blocked that out of my life. I had to, in order to survive, really. It was a survival mechanism, and now it’s all coming up back again. I feel sick. From my whole stomach, from the middle of my chest all the way down to my stomach. My stomach right now feels like it’s been punched. I don’t feel good right now.”

She concluded the release of the series “feels like when the tape was stolen,” adding, “Basically, you’re just a thing owned by the world, like you belong to the world.”

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“Pam & Tommy” wound up being celebrated by the Emmys and Golden Globes — which both nominated James, Stan and Seth Rogen for acting awards, as well as the show itself for limited series — but went home empty-handed.

In a new interview about the show, Anderson also told The Guardian that the series’ creators never reached out to her about the project, adding she felt “violated” by the show, asking, “How are they allowed to do that?”

“I heard she’d been nominated for an Emmy, but maybe that was a joke,” Anderson said of James’ performance, before adding, “It’s not her fault; it’s a job. But whoever created it – well, it just feels like something else stolen.”

Anderson’s memoir, “Love, Pamela” and her Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” will be released simultaneously on January 31.

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