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A HOMEOWNER has revealed their fury at a row of newbuilds built behind them – as the buildings send a "blinding glare" into their homes. 

The fuming resident said the problem had been going on for three years, ruining the home they have lived in for more than 50 years.

And the homeowners shared a video displaying the problem – claiming the council won't help.

The occupants posted a video showing a "blinding glare" from the sun reflecting off the windows of the new build opposite – straight into their garden.

Taking to TikTok under the account name "uk_glare_problem", they have put in a bid for help from the public.

They said they have been left unable to use "most of the house or garden".

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In another video, the owners show the glare coming through their curtains – which they said they are forced to keep closed all day.

The caption reads: "Been in our home since 1970s. New flats built and now living with this nightmare for 3 years now. Council has refused to help. Can a lawyer help?".

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But the reaction has not been entirely helpful, with many TikTok users making light of the situation in the comments.

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One said: "sunglasses usually sort the sun out pretty well".

Another said: "Just pull your blinds down lol".

One more commented: "You can't use your house properly or garden because of glare? Come off it."

The house owners explained that as the sun moves the glared moves to different windows, preventing them from looking in that direction.

They said: "So we’ve put up more curtains, close windows so the curtains don’t move and can’t be in garden."

One person was slightly more helpful, saying: "If you contact a lawyer you may be able to argue a nuisance claim to the council and take it to court".

To sue for private nuisance, you must prove the following: that there is a continuous interference, that this is unreasonable, and that it interferes with the use or enjoyment of land.

Either the landlord, the creator of the nuisance, or the occupier can be liable for this.

Most people on TikTok were left baffled by the predicament.

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One user even said: "Do you want them to move the sun?".

This comes as locals on a housing estate in north London complained that scaffolding around their flats meant they hadn't seen the sun in years.

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