New Moon September horoscope: How will the New Moon affect YOU?

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It’s a New Moon tomorrow night, and this time it’s in Virgo. Just as the Moon affects the tides, it uses a gravitational pull to impact our emotions, intuition, dreams and soul. With the help of Moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_) and her book Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, reveals your New Moon horoscope.

Tomorrow’s New Moon isn’t something you’ll be able to spot yourself.

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon line up with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides.

This leaves the Earth-facing side of the Moon in darkness, so you can’t see a New Moon in the sky.

You will be able to see the Moon again about one day after the New Moon, when the Moon is in its Waxing Crescent phase.

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A New Moon in general is the perfect time to start a new project and set intentions.

Kirsty advised: “Get clear on what you want to create, manifest, and put into motion in the coming lunar cycle.

“Set your dreams, goals and intentions for the lunar month ahead.”

To do this, you might want to follow some rituals.

For example, Kirsty suggested: “Use a sage smudge stick or Palo Santo to cleanse your environment and your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

“Simply burn the stick, or even incense and hold the intention to use the smoke to cleanse away anything you don’t need.

“This is also a great time to do energy or chakra healing to really clear your energies.

“This is also the time of the lunar cycle to set intentions so take time on the New Moon to set up a quiet sacred space to tune into what you want the following month to bring, and to set your intentions.

“You may even want to create a moon altar on a New Moon that you can meditate/journal in front of through the lunar cycle.

“Set your intentions and what you want the lunar cycle to bring you.”

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How will tomorrow’s New Moon affect YOU?

Every time there is a Full or New Moon in a year, the Moon will be ‘in’ a different zodiac sign.

Each star sign brings us different energy and will affect us all in a similar way, regardless of our own birth charts.

However, you will feel the moon’s energy more strongly when it is in your zodiac sign, whether it’s full or new.

Kirsty said: “The last new moon in Leo asked you to connect deeply to your heart, your truth, your passions and desires.

“Then along came the Pisces full moon to awaken your soul, surrender all that you no longer need, connect to your deep inner knowing and intuition and bring your dreams into physical reality.”

This New Moon is in Virgo, and Kirsty said its aim is to help you move forward in your life. 

According to Kirsty’s book, a Virgo Moon is all about taking action.

The book explains: “This moon will help you get things off the ground, push along new projects and make any changes that need to be made, problem solve, multitask, meet demands, get organised and take on new and exciting challenges.”

Virgo people are known for their list-making and constant prioritising, and a Virgo New Moon will help you channel this energy.

The book says that a Virgo New Moon “can bring a ‘back-to-school’ feeling with it and you may feel like there is so much to do but you don’t know what or how.”

However, Kirsty told us: “I need to make mention of the fact that anxiety levels and overthinking may be high around this moon.

“You may find yourself constantly in your head trying to analyse and solve and this does have a purpose but don’t let it be to your own detriment.

“Please make sure that you take time out under this new moon to look after yourself and your wellbeing.

“Do things that ground and calm you and help to manage any anxieties, stresses and take you out of the mental loop.”

Questions to ask yourself and reflect on this new moon:

1. If you look back over the last few months can you see the lessons and growth you have been through?

2. What has this time taught you about what is important and what matters to you?

3. What information, knowledge and/or support do you need to help you to move forwards?

4. What do you want from the remainder of this year and moving into the start of next?

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