Netflix Celebrates One Year of Tiger King with TikTok Drag Queen Stage Musical

“The Tiger Queens: The Tiger King Musical LIVE” will apparently broadcast live on TikTok March 28 with “Drag Race” alums taking on the iconic roles of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin — and even a tiger!

In honor of the one-year anniversary of the documentary series that took a far more innocent pre-Covid world by storm, Netflix is upping the ridiculous to an even more extreme level.

While based on true events, “Tiger King” captured our imaginations by its larger-than-life real characters, over-the-top (again real) storylines and insane twists and turns. So who better to bring such a bold and brash story to life again than drag queens.

In what may be the most ridiculous announcement of the new year, Vulture was first to report the anniversary announcement of a live staged production of the docuseries’ story … or something related to it.

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Honestly, they’ve got one of the queens taking on the role of “The Tiger,” so we don’t really know what to expect. Except that we full expect it to be glorious.

“The Tiger Queens: The Tiger King Musical Live” is being described as a TikTok musical and stars “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alums in all of its key roles — did we mention the tiger? — including Willam as Joe Exotic, Kim Chi as Carole Baskin and Heidi N. Closet taking on what has to be the hardest role, “The Tiger.”

But we suspect the reigning Miss Congeniality, from the most recent cycle of the long-running competition series, will be just purrific in the role. Willam was ousted from Season 5, but has gone on to actual acting gigs on projects as big as “A Star Is Born.” Chi made it to finalist on Season 7.

Before making the big announcement on Saturday, Netflix paid tribute to how and when the strangeness that was “Tiger King” came into our lives. Now all we can do is wait until March 28 for the live premiere on Netflix’s TikTok channel for the next evolution of the strangest docuseries of all time.

You can check out their full announcement thread below so you, too, can relive the wildness that was 2020 and how “Tiger King” both helped us get through it, and perhaps even prepared us for it:

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