Natalie Portman Looks Unrecognizable With a Bowl Cut

Natalie Portman is relatively modest with her hair. Off screen, she typically sticks with the same chocolate brown color and a clavicle-grazing bob is about as short as she'll go with her length. 

However, Portman is always down if a role calls for a major hair change. On screen, she's worn buzz cuts and even a metallic silver pixie cut. For her upcoming film Lucy in the Sky, her portrayal of former astronaut Lisa Nowak calls for another unexpected look: a bowl cut. 

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The actress was spotted on set with this dramatic new cut, and at first glance she's almost unrecognizable. While the bowl cut is a style that people generally love to hate on, Portman's cut looks nothing like the one moms notoriously give their kids using a pair of kitchen scissors and an actual bowl — it's completely retro, but also kind of chic. 

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Portman's cut features full blunt bangs with the sides cut short and the back left long. Since she's filming, odds are that this look is just a wig, especially since she just cut her hair into a trendy textured bob in April. 

Even if it is a wig, Portman has proven yet again that she looks amazing with any hairstyle.



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