Naked Attraction's first guest to walk OFF admits he is still a virgin

First Naked Attraction contestant to walk OFF the set after feeling faint at the sight of nude women admits he’s still a virgin after being dumped by his date – but he’s no longer afraid of ‘lady bits’

  • Brian Chau Rodriguez AIH was left sweating on Channel 4’s Naked Attraction
  • The 23-year-old admitted he was a virgin and was hoping to score date with girl
  • Walked off the show after getting ‘overwhelmed’ by six vaginas in front of him 
  • Now said he is no longer afraid of lady bits, but is still a virgin looking for love  

A Naked Attraction contestant who walked off the show because he was overwhelmed has opened up about the experience. 

Brian Chau Rodriguez, from Kent, became the first contestant to ever walk off the set in the premiere of season 7 last night on Channel 4. 

The 23-year-old, who admitted he was a virgin, said the experience was ‘overwhelming,’  but after a short breather, the hopeful returned to the show and even bared it all in front of the last two ladies he picked, scoring a date with tattooed dancer Georgie.

The wine connoisseur’s time on the cheeky show was a roller coaster for viewers, with some saying they felt ‘sorry’ for him.  

Speaking to The Sun, Brian said the show had helped him ‘grow up,’ and that, even though he was still a virgin, he was no longer ‘afraid’ of lady bits. 

Brian Chau Rodriguez AIH, 23, from Kent, who is a virgin, said he was no longer ‘afraid’ of vaginas after walking off the set of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction last night 

Brian, a wine connoisseur, managed to cone back to the set of the show and even strip down to his birthday suit 

Even though he didn’t get to do the deed with Georgie, Brian was still positive about the show: ‘I feel like I grew up a bit in that moment, seeing vaginas for the first time,’ he said. 

While his personal type is closer to the quintessential ‘girl next door,’ Brian picked the fiery dancer Georgie, who eventually told him she’d rather be his ‘friend’ than his girlfriend. 

But Brian, who said there was nothing wrong with being a virgin, admitted he had gone on the show to explore possibilities and  ‘a different side to dating because quite frankly I’ve had zero luck.’

The contestant said he had not regrets about being on the show, and praised the production team for supporting him every step of the way while filming. 

It was a tough moment for Brian when he saw six naked ladies facing him. But the contestant said it helped him ‘grow up’ 

He shocked viewers at the beginning of the show when he walked off for a moment in order to collect himself. 

Meanwhile, host Anna Richardson took her high heels off and brought the female contestants in the boxes some water while Brian was off set.  

Speaking of the ‘euphoric’ moment, he said he just needed to collect his thoughts, and that he knew there was enough time for him to take a second.   

He said he was always going to come back on set to finish the show, but needed to let everything ‘soak in.’ 

The 23-year-old left Anna Richardson speechless on last night’s premiere when he became faint after he was faced with the six contestant production had picked for him.  

‘I’m sorry, I need a moment, can I have a little moment,’ he said, gesturing to the side of the set that was off camera.

Brian asked to step away from the six vulvae facing him at the start of the show, and walked off set

 The 23-year-old was overwhelmed with seeing six naked bodies next to one another on the show 

He then proceeded to walk off the set to have a breather.   

Speaking afterwards, Brian said: ‘It’s overwhelming, I mean, you know in a good way, perhaps I needed this. But I just need to let it sink in just a bit.’

But, having taken his ‘breather,’ Brian returned to the set and felt confident enough to bare it all himself at the end of the show after having reduced his string of potential matches to two women: Georgie and her ‘rival’ Georgina. 

Viewers felt for the shy contestant, and rooted for him to find love once he returned to the set, even though some could not help but note how shocked they were that he had walked off. 

‘If Brian did actually get to the stage of having sex with a real woman, I’m convinced his head would actually explode,’ one said. 

Viewers found Brian’s walk off entertaining, but others wished him well and said they hoped he was OK 

‘Brian on Naked Attraction has got me creasing,’ another wrote. 

‘Really felt sorry for Brian tonight on Naked Attraction,’ another said.  

‘OMFG.. Channel 4’s Naked Attraction tonight is the best one ever!! The first man on was 23-year-old virgin Brian.. Fair play to him for going on. But bless… he was shown 6 Vaginas at the start and had to take an immediate break from filming,’ said another. 

‘IDK about you, but I’m still thinking of Brian of Naked Attraction fame. I hope he’s ok,’ said another. 

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