My girlfriend wants to move in but I’ve been seeing a fun woman who promised me sex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend wants to move in with me but I have been seeing another woman who is so much more fun.

She promises to have sex with me soon, though she also has a partner.

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I’m 26 and work for a bank where this gorgeous girl joined my department.

She’s 24. We had lunch a few times and compared notes about our relationship problems, then went out for drinks.

We have kissed and she’s talked about “going back to mine”, though it hasn’t happened yet. She often sends me sexy texts when she must be with her boyfriend and knows I am with my girlfriend. One evening she got me so worked up I agreed to make an excuse to my girlfriend so I could meet her and we kissed and cuddled in my car for hours.

I feel I love her. She says we are both in love triangles but isn’t prepared to end things with her boyfriend.

DEIDRE SAYS: This girl is enjoying winding you up but it is going nowhere.

Make some grown-up decisions. Give this girl a fortnight to end her other relationship and stop seeing her if she doesn’t.

It is unfair to hold on to your girlfriend until some-body better comes along. Either focus on building a future together or let your girlfriend go.

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