My ex is filling our son's head with rubbish and turning him against me

DEAR DEIDRE: MY ex is filling my ten-year-old son’s head with rubbish and trying to poison him against me.

I’m a woman of 34 and my ex was violent towards me.

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When we split up, I was given custody of our son after my ex was convicted of assault and jailed.

He’s 37 and he’s out now. His visits are supposed to be supervised at his parents’ home but he takes my son to stay at his flat.

His parents are lovely people and they try their best but their son bullies them too.

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My son then comes home and calls me names. He also tells my partner he will never be his stepdad, which has clearly come from my ex.

I don’t want to deprive my son of seeing his grandparents but I don’t trust his dad.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are right to be concerned. The court said your son must only see his father if it is supervised so your ex is breaking the agreement.

Go back to your solicitor and say what has happened and if necessary, you will need to go back to court.

For further help with your rights, contact Child Law Advice Line, (, 0300 330 5480).

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