My daughter uses and abuses me – how do I tell her 'no'? | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY daughter is about to turn 27 but she still acts like a teenager, avoiding all responsibility and running home whenever it suits her.

I’m her 65-year-old mum, and I’m sick of being walked all over.

For the last four years, she’s been dating this guy. He’s 31, and an awful influence on her.

The two of them spend their days smoking weed and living off benefits.

He drinks a lot and can be quite volatile, so every few months, she turns up on the doorstep with all her stuff, demanding I let her stay because they’re “on a break”.

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Plus, she’ll expect me to do all the cooking, cleaning and washing when she’s here.

This can’t go on.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s only natural that you take your daughter back in, but it’s time you stood up to her.

If she wants to come home, she needs to start pulling her weight.


Archie comforts Leila, but does she thinks it’s something more?

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My support pack, Standing Up For Yourself, will help you speak out.

I’m also sending you one for jobseekers, which may help her find something she’s passionate about.

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