My adult addict son is a burden but makes out that I’m the terrible person – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE MY addict son makes out I’m a terrible person, though I’ve always tried my best.

I’m 65 and I’ve raised six children almost single-handed because my husband worked abroad.

My husband’s dad was a great support but would never have a word said against his son or my eldest son.

So when my eldest was a teenager, throwing his weight around, my father-in-law would say: “Boys will be boys.” That infuriated me. My husband never disciplined the kids either.

Now my eldest is 40. He has three kids with three women and is a drug addict. I’m adamant I won’t give him money but my husband caves in. The other kids are great but I feel like a failure with this one.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are not a failure. You have done a great job with your children but your oldest is an adult. He is no longer your responsibility.

You are right not to give him money, as the more you do, the less likely he is ever to give up drugs.

Find support at We Are With You, which offers free, confidential help to drug users and their families (

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