Mum shows life-saving hack she uses to prevent her kids choking

When your kids are young, you’re constantly looking out for things that might be a danger.

And it’s important to keep small objects out of reach to prevent choking.

But one mum showed how some parents might not realise the size of object that can still cause choking.

Parenting organisation Tiny Hearts Education posted a video of a mum from Melbourne, Australia, showing her ‘favourite parenting hack’.

Putting her index finger and thumb together, she creates a hole and uses it to check to see if food or small items may potentially be a choking hazard for her little one.

She drops various items through the hole, including cherry, popcorn, a grape, a $1 coin and other toys.

She explains: ‘The circle is approximately the size of a child’s airway aged 0-3. If anything can fit in this hole, then it’s a choking hazard.’

Although a child’s windpipe is the around the size of a drinking straw, they can swallow large items, leading the the windpipe being blocked.

Using this as a guide means parents can look out for items that could get stuck in the windpipe.

The mum also reminded other parents how quickly kids can grab an item and swallow it so it’s important to keep things like this out of reach.

Tiny Hearts added: ‘This hack was created to help you find choking hazards and potentially save the life of your little one.

‘It is designed to show you how easily an object could get stuck in an airway an block it.

‘Take the grape, for example, if not in quarters the full grape could completely block the airway. It helps create awareness of certain objects that match this hole’s size and may be a choking hazard…

‘This will help you when making buying decisions around toys and even with preparing food for your bub.’  

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