Mum shares her 'after-school snack' for her kids but gets slammed

Mum shares her ‘after school snack hack’ for her kids – before getting slammed by other parents for being ‘lazy’ and ‘unhealthy’

  • A mum has been slammed online after sharing her ‘after-school snack’ hack
  • She freezes takeaway pizzas in zip lock bags and reheats in an airfryer
  • Some parents expressed their concern over the ‘unhealthy’ afternoon snack 

A time-poor mum has been slammed for her ‘lazy and unhealthy’ snack hack, after sharing it as a go-to pre-dinner feed.

The mum-of-two revealed she freezes left over pizza for her kids to enjoy after school, often ordering extra so her stash doesn’t run out.

She described her snack hack as the ‘perfect after school snack in under five minutes’.

A time-poor mum has described how she freezes left over pizza for her children to heat up after school

‘I freeze them in zip lock bags in slices of 2-3 and the kids can warm them up in the air fryer,’ she said.

But other mums expressed their concern for her children’s health and claimed the tip was less than ideal.

One woman said she would never buy pizza to freeze, and only sees ‘next day nuking’ as a one-off event at her house.

‘Takeaway pizza has so much fat and salt. It should be a once a week food for kids. Kids can make the sandwiches easily themselves too. And probably safer than letting them use an air fryer on their own. Just saying,’ she said. 

While other mums confessed they have been feeding their kids reheated takeaway pizza for years.

”Throw them in kids lunch boxes $5 pizza goes a long way,’ one mum said.


How do you rate the pizza hack?

How do you rate the pizza hack?

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Others defended her and said she can feed her children however she likes. 

‘Let her do what she wants to do if it works for her your not living there,’ one mum said. 

While others defended her for letting her kids ‘near the airfryer’. 

‘My son uses the stove, oven and airfryer, uses the same kitchen knives as me. Risk isn’t a bad thing. Neither is this mum’s afternoon tea idea,’ one woman said.

She also hit back at the ‘judgy’ mums. 

‘Thanks for your concern about me putting my children’s health and safety at risk. They eat a well balanced diet, are active and we teach them how to be safe in the kitchen, just saying,’ she said.

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