Mum dies on exercise bike trying to get in shape for family holiday

A mum-of-three collapsed and died while exercising to get in shape ahead of a family holiday, her partner said.

Joanne Leach, 46, suffered a brain hemorrhage while using an exercise bike in front of the TV in the living room.

The care worker, from Holyhead, in North Wales hadn't long woken up from a nap after working a night shift when she collapsed.

Her partner Justin Beilinsohn, 47, managed to resuscitate her before paramedics arrived but tragically died later the same day after being airlifted to hospital,  North Wales Live  reports.

Joanne, mum to Farrah, 21, Jorgia, 20 and Jensen, 18,  had been working out ahead of a family holiday to Turkey.

Justin, who was her childhood sweetheart, told The Sun he bought the bike as a gift, because she'd joined a gym but didn't enjoy it.

"She went on the bike every day because she was trying to get in shape for her holiday," he said.

“I bought it for her but after she died, I threw it away. I felt like I’d brought death into the house.

“Joanne was the first love of my life and will be the last. I can’t believe she has gone."

An MRI scan revealed Joanne had suffered a brain haemorhage.

Justin, who said Joanne had never even suffered a headache, previously told North Wales Live the whole family has been left "broken" and are in "total shock".

He said: "She had never suffered a headache or anything like that before. There were absolutely no warning signs.

"We thought she may have had a cardiac arrest, so we thought she may be home the next day.

"But they did a scan of her brain and found a huge hemorrhage. They told us they wouldn't be able to operate and kept her in Glan Clwyd [hospital] for us to say our goodbyes.

"It was so sudden. Nobody can say why it happened, doctors said anything such as a cough or a sneeze could have triggered it.

"The children are broken. They're all trying to be brave, just like she would have been. We had so much to look forward to. Our whole world has been turned upside down. It's just so unbelievable."

The family paid tribute to the mum, saying she  "never stopped smiling" and "always put other people first".

In a touching tribute, they added: "She was a very outgoing woman, she got along with everyone in Morawelon [in Holyhead] where we all live."

"She was very proud of her children, its a credit to Joanne how she brought her children up. She never stopped smiling, her smile was infectious.

"Joanne would never pass anyone without smiling or saying hello. She would always put other people first, it was her natural instinct to help others before herself.

"Joanne will be so missed by her family, friends and the people in Holyhead and beyond."

A   JustGiving page   has now been launched to raise funds for Joanne's family.

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