Mum creates at-home flight and holiday as bucket list Disney trips are cancelled

When this family’s plans to visit every Disney park in the world were scuppered by Covid, they decided to bring the holiday to them instead.

The parents helped their daughter experience everything from the airport to the plane to the holiday itself, decorating their home so give them a mini escape (even if it was closer to home than expected.

34-year-old Dr Heather Hodgson lives with her husband Dom and daughter Scarlett (who’s five next week).

Dan and Heather run a website together, with Dan telling ‘You can guess that lockdown home schooling and running a business between the two of us has been… fun ha!’

‘Like many others around the world, our family holiday plans for the last year have been ruined,’ said Dan.

‘In 2018 we decided to complete a bucket list item for us; visit every Disney park in the world in a year. We saved and booked early and picked a year which sounded great – 2020!

‘That’s right, So as Covid started to make the news, we cancelled more and more of our trip of a lifetime. This is one way of Heather making the best of it for us.’

Mum Heather had seen videos of people simulating the experience of a plane using an iPad and a washing machine, and the couple decided to recreate that for themselves.

Heather says: ‘I started planning it two or three weeks before. That was list making, itinerary building and buying the occasional decorations, but most of the work was done the night before for the “transformation” when Dom and Scarlett had gone to bed.’

Dan shared the whole thing on Twitter, detailing how even the ‘journey’ to the airport was planned out by Heather.

When little Scarlett walked into the living room in her Minnie Mouse outfit, Heather had set it up perfectly to look like an airport (including plane tickets with free upgrade and a security check).

Everything from a departures board to a buffet breakfast in the first class lounge were taken care of, before the family ‘flew’ to their holiday destination of Hodgeland.

Heather used a treadmill to simulate the baggage carousel, and stayed home to transform the home into Hodgeland while Scarlett and Dan headed off to get doughnuts.

They came back to find their ‘hotel’ decorated as you’d expect from a tropical resort, with leis and snacks to see them through the rest of their stay. A tiny swimming pool was even blown up and put into the bathroom.

Scarlett said of her surprise: ‘I loved being on the airplane with the snacks and watching a film then we came home and there was leaves and flowers everywhere, we also have a pool in the bathroom!’

Dan shared his wife’s work on Twitter, and it’s now been liked over 6,300 times. He also posted a picture of Heather having a very well-deserved nap after her day as cabin crew, airport security, hotel staff, and concierge.

Thankfully the family have been able to rebook their Disney trips for 2023, but what a lovely way to have fun in lockdown and pretend things are back to normal.

Top tips from Dan and Heather on how to recreate a holiday from home

Use an air freshener to change the smell of the room really helps change the atmosphere.

Poundland is your friend!

Use the TV to set the scene. I created a video then uploaded it to YouTube as a private video and it played on the TV full screen for free.

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